• Gymnastics tournaments will be happening this week. Thursday will be 3 p.m. and Friday will be 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. Plan on both days being busy, but Friday will especially be busy.

  • It is Oyster Week- Please know all of the events, specials and locations of oysters used for specials. Customers will have questions. FOH- please write the location of oysters on the specials board for that day.

  • Don’t use cups to scoop ice, please only use the actual scoop. The cups will chip.

  • We cannot use the plastic clear cups with black lids on them- health code states that when using a straw less lid, we must also use a cup with a handle.

  • Out of respect to our neighboring business- please don’t smoke under the shelter of the Hive, move to the alleyway instead.


  • Please continue to focus on proper names of food when delivering to tables. Don’t use “regular burger”, “spin dip”, “meat shroom”, etc. Please use proper names such as “Oregon Country Beef Burger”, “Spinach Dip”, and “Magic Mushrooms”.

  • We will be accepting left over tokens from Oyster & Beer Fest that’s this Saturday. There will be $5 and $1 tokens that can be redeemed for product. Treat them just as you would $5 cards. If you have questions, please ask a manager.

  • After discussion with OLCC, we can be more flexible on the 11 p.m. exit for minors than we have been in the past. If you have a table in question with a minor that may be here past 11, please let a manager know and we can help evaluate what said guests’ out time should look like.

  • Minor employees can be here past 11 p.m. as long as they are performing their job functions. A minor employee may also be allowed to eat post shift, as long as it is downstairs in the breakroom and not in a minor restricted area (AKA the entire restaurant post 11 p.m.)


  • Let’s make sure we run a knife through the mama lil’s peppers before they hit the cobb salad to keep the size reasonable.

  • Keep an eye on tenders when bagging. Make sure that you don’t bag them unless they’re completely frozen or else they will stick together. Let’s also refrain from stacking trays when freezing.