• Many new beers were released yesterday, please update yourselves with the info boards pre-shift.

  • The Corvallis half marathon will be this Sunday and the 5k run will be on Saturday. We will be there pouring beverages both days.

  • When scooping ice cream, please use a scoop with a grey handle and make the scoop flat and even (no extra ice cream). Also, when the bin is getting low, scrape the last bit of ice cream out of the container to reduce waste.


  • Openers: before doing anything else, please put the mat down in front of the back/employee entrance door for safety and to prevent water tracking in the morning. All other mats can be put down later still.


  • Please use the red sani buckets only.

  • Make sure to check your fry portions. We will be weighing out visuals throughout the week.

  • Focus on Korean BBQ on the Hawaiian Burger- not too much, not too little. Consistency is key to making that burger awesome.

  • Line Closers- please send the grease tray from the smoker through the dishwasher at the end of the night. Prep- please replace this in the morning before using smoker.

  • Line Closers- when taking down salad greens, take down cucumbers and shredded carrots from the reach in with you to prevent freezing.

  • Wednesday line openers- don’t forget to check off monthly cleaning projects once they’re completed.

  • Use a loose bullet for bleu cheese crumbles- don’t pack it, we want to shoot for 1oz portions.