• It is Sauce Awareness Week! Bullets should only be ¾ oz full.

  • Please do not touch any thermostats or fans for FOH- they are set intentionally and have been tested to create a comfortable atmosphere.

  • Daylight Savings Time is around the corner. Make sure to set your clocks forward an hour this Saturday night.


  • Let’s really focus on tracking our sauces, specifically ranch. If you grab a ranch for a table, there is a tally sheet living in the upstairs server cabinet and one in the kitchen to track if it is NOT being run in the computer by a server.

  • Servers- offer side sauces when appropriate while taking a guests’ order for convenience and tracking. Ring in every sauce, every time, unless its ranch accounted for on the tally sheet.

  • Make sure to clean your tables before going on break.

  • Please refresh yourselves on our policy when it comes to introducing/letting tables know when they are getting a new server.

  • Try to keep the server bus station upstairs as tidy as possible. This includes not constantly having extra glassware bus bins and dirty silverware containers- it creates clutter.

  • If you take the last of item from a box, break it down. If you don’t have time to recycle it in that moment, let a friend know to help you remember to do so or see if they can take it.

  • Don’t forget some of our guest beverage options have changed! Please refresh yourself by visiting Goody’s write up in the kitchen.


  • Only use the swamp cooler when absolutely necessary and not for too long to avoid cooling off food in the window.

  • Speaking of food temps, please time grilled chicken well so it’s not sitting in the window for too long as it cools quickly.

  • Prep will now slice a lemon for Salmon Mousse for consistency.

  • Reminder: Be very cautious not to over fill the oil bins! Make sure you leave a substantial gap so it won’t overflow when heated by the sun. Sarah will also be including a write up in the newsletter on proper clean up if an oil spill occurs.

  • Make sure the buns for the Paddy Burger are toasty since it’s a messy one.

  • Let’s check the tortilla chip par around 4:30 when the night lead is here to avoid having to make more during dinner.