• Thanks for rockin’ this weekend and bourbon month so far, keep it up!


  • Don’t forget to take Glencairns straight to the bar instead of putting them in a glass rack. So far, placing them under the white board/on the server cabinet has worked great.

  • On the subject of glassware, don’t stack taster glasses as they break easily that way.

  • There will no longer be QA used in bathroom cleaning, simple green can be used for the changing station. If need be, you can also use a wipe to disinfect further.

  • Don’t forget to make sure our guests throw their name on their bourbon passport (there’s a perfect spot on the back for it).


  • It is packing your Banh Mi Awareness week! Make sure that scoop is nice and full to get the proper portion every time.

  • It is also Wash Your Hands Awareness week, especially for the grill. Every time you touch meat, wash your hands right away.

  • Floors under the fryers have been much better, keep it up 😊

  • Let’s make sure the Salmon Mousse presentation is beautiful every time (not left in scoop form), check that picture if you need a refresher.

  • Keep an eye on items that are time controlled (i.e. fish flour) and make sure they are being changed every four hours. Be on the look out for a specific guide from Haakan in the next day or so.