• New monthly specials tomorrow- check the info!

  • It’s Lipstick on Glassware Awareness Week! Check when you bus, wash, and go to serve a drink for marks.

  • No ceramics in the glassware recycling. On the subject, broken glass should always be thrown away, not recycled. Put a lid on the broken glass bucket in the kitchen when it’s full and throw it out.  


  • Servers, please make sure you are assigning table numbers to all tables in the computer. This will help with your organization and leads’/managements’ ability to help you.

  • For vegan shiitake mushrooms- please use the shiitake add on/sub button and special instruct (“grilled”).

  • When a bottled or canned beverage is ordered, the bartender will leave it in the window for you alongside the appropriate glassware. Please pour some of the beverage for a guest upon arrival at their table (they should get the visual) and leave the rest of the container with them.

  • Barbacks: please ensure all H2O is poured out of rinsed empty glassware that is being sent out to a table.

  • Make sure bug lights are always plugged in- no need to unplug them at night (these are the blueish lights above table 6, by the upstairs bus station, and by the highchairs).


  • It is Chip Awareness Week- they should be fresh, crispy, and perfectly salted. Keep an eye out for a document from Wertz detailing how many to prep each day to avoid making too much; we can always make more.

  • Make sure we are taking G-Bread downstairs at close with the rest of the bread.

  • Move things around when closing to sweep & mop the entirety of the floor at night. Clean under shelves, move buckets, take out ALL recycling, etc.

  • Don’t leave lettuce out- keep it refrigerated.

  • Distribute mayo/sauce on burgers and sandwiches evenly every time and don’t over-sauce it.