• New monthly specials will go live next Wednesday!

  • We will now have a bucket live next to citrus in the cellar to compost rotten citrus. Please put your old produce in this bucket and waste log appropriately.

  • Make sure aprons are being put away properly post shift, not left behind floating in the break room.

  • When interacting with guests, please use gender neutral language. Let’s avoid using “guys” and refer to a group neutrally (phrases like: “Y’all, folks, you, and everybody” or “you two”, “you three” work well).


  • Please change sani buckets every other hour and swap out really dirty towels and replace with clean ones to ensure they are acceptable to clean with.

  • If a customer needs cream for their nitro cold brew coffee, please grab a bell pour before picking up the coffee to serve it on the side for them. This will ensure they get a full coffee pour and can control the amount of cream they want to use.


  • Check Red Beans and Rice consistency every couple of hours, even if it’s late night.

  • Kitchen closers: change out the compost bucket in cellar at end of night when checking for pooling water.

  • Dish closers: don’t forget there is a second page of the closing list, always check for projects on that page.

  • It is yellow towel awareness week. Line openers: please bring up 12 and try to reuse as much as possible, even rinsing them out will extend their usage. Prep: let’s start with 6 towels each day. In comparison, our average has been 30 a day, we would like to see less usage. Also, changing sani every other hour will help.