• Civil War Men’s Basketball is this Saturday! Be prepared to be busy.


  • We are only using cilantro to garnish black bean and bacon soup from now on.

  • It is Napkin Awareness week. FOH, please place a napkin with each customer when running food and don’t leave napkins if they have a decent amount leftover from their appetizer.


  • It is Out Time Awareness Week! Make sure you are clocking out 15-20 minutes after being phased.

  • Don’t forget that customers need to get a beverage in order to receive HH price on food.

  • Make sure we’re not congregating at server stations or the host stand. Stay busy to satisfy guest perception that we are constantly working to meet their needs.

  • When using comet on the floor, you only need to do a light dusting. Don’t use too much as it means the floor will need to be re-mopped. A green scrubby can be used to make the comet work harder.


  • Keep an eye on the amount of time you spend frying the sausage garnish for red beans and rice so it doesn’t get dried out.

  • Let’s focus on kitchen floors when closing. Work hard to get all of the grease cleaned up to prevent it from moving out into FOH. Managers may ask you to mop again, so this is your head’s up.

  • On the topic of floors, please clean out the shop vac after each use.

  • Dishwashers: don’t forget there is now a weekly cleaning list, please knock those projects out.

  • Let’s cut limes to order from now on.