• Pray for Snow is happening this Thursday at the Tap Room at 7:00!


  • When running the Clam Linguine to a guest, please take an app plate out with it.


  • We will be switching urinal mats twice a week now (Mondays and Thursdays).

  • Please make sure in the AM that the triangular edge of the urinal mat is pointing at the sink, not to the wall behind the urinals. 

  • Don’t forget to do bathroom checks during shift change to make sure it’s tidy and smells pleasant.

  • When placing the mat by the ice bin door, place one edge on the bump inside the kitchen, it will help it stay in place.

  • Food runners, please remember to check chocolate and caramel before leaving and fill them when needed. When filling caramel, use the entire can, don’t leave any left over.

  • Just a FYI, shift change is everyone’s responsibility. Work as a team to complete tasks and communicate to get all assignments done. 


  • It’s spatula awareness week! Please use your spatulas to get every bit of food out of containers (such as hummus).

  • It is also sandwich awareness week! All sandwiches served on ale, please pay attention to and make sure the ingredients are evenly distributed and present nicely.

  • There is now a daily dish cleaning list to keep it nice and tidy back there.

  • The procedure for baking ale bread has slightly changed, the recipe is the same but the bread will crisp up faster because of it.

  • There will be a weekly cleaning of the metal backsplash in the kitchen to be completed in the AM.