• Bourbon month is upon us this weekend, review the information, and know your stuff 


  • We do not accept resumes in house just FYI. If anyone wants to apply, they can go to They can attach resumes there too.

  • New Monthly Specials start tomorrow!

  • Salmon board will be changing, look for the changes in the internal newsletter.

  • Wash your shoes before every shift.

  • Please compost any cellar citrus that is rotting into prep kitchen’s compost. Also, waste log whatever you have to compost.


  • Hosts: make sure that you are following a seating rotation while also balancing the number of tables in each server’s section. For example, 2-5 is full but the 6-10 server only has one table, do what you can to even it out for them.

  • Hosts & Food runners: as the restaurant slows down (post lunch, dinner, late night), check in with the bartender and let them know how many open, clean tables there are when hosting or how many tickets are on the line when food running to potentially get phased.

  • Saturday closers, it is now on the closing list to clean cobwebs and walls all the way around the outside of the restaurant.

  • When directing guests to the game room, give them food menus.

  • When there is down time, help catch up on dishes (especially during the weekdays as there is no day dishwasher).

  • On the subject of dishes, try to periodically take them back often to avoid giving the dishwasher three full buckets all at once. If you need help taking dishes back, please ask a float for help.

  • Grilled mushrooms are no longer vegan due to the use of butter. If a guest is requesting vegan mushrooms, we could sauté shiitake mushrooms instead.


  • It is cleaning under the fryers awareness week! Closers, make it beautiful 

  • Please be diligent when scooping Banh Mi, use the yellow (2.5oz) scoop and pack it to ensure you’re getting the correct portion.

  • When taking mats out at night, take the key back to Block immediately after unlocking the box to ensure it does not get lost.

  • When the oil bin is nearly full (1 to 1 ½ inches from the top), don’t dump anymore oil in, let Sarah know so it can be emptied.