• For this week’s events, check out the newsletter.


  • Cold/Flu season is still happening. Wash your hands, especially after touching dirty plates or touching your hair/face.

  • FYI, our onions are a little intense at the moment. Kitchen, make sure we’re not using too much.

  • Please ensure that the proper lid is being used for parsley and paprika oil garnishes to prevent using too much on soups.

  • Check the 86 board for items that need to be pushed.

  • We will no longer be using soup napkins, instead we will be using recycled menus. Yay for recycling even more! 

  • Coffee grounds need to be weighed every time coffee is brewed.

  • Make sure to place the mop wringer aside from the bucket to prevent breaking it.


  • Please be intentional in which colors are used for the specials board. Specifically, the blue, white, and bright yellow markers work best for legibility.

  • When stocking growlers behind the bar, place caps on them.

  • Sauces in the upstairs ice container should be upside down so they don’t leak sauce into the container.

  • Double check that you are tipping the correct hosts/food runners out. Use the white board to check names.


  • Having trouble organizing food on the new boards? Check out the updated picture for guidance.