• We have noticed that some pieces of the dress code are being missed, so there is a copy of the code in the breakroom. Please take a few minutes this week to review the dress code policy.

  • We have had some rockin’ busy lunch & dinner shifts lately, so we would like to remind everyone to focus on communication on all levels (hosts checking in with servers before seating, telling the kitchen about seating a handful of tables, long ticket times, 86’d items, etc.) and to remember to communicate with each other positively.

  • The area in front of the kitchen window is very visible to guests, so please help to keep this area looking awesome by sweeping often!

  • Just a reminder to all staff—your first cup of coffee is free, additional cups are .25 cents each. You can toss cash into the jar in the kitchen, or have the bartender add cups of coffee to your food tab.

  • New Brewer’s Board boards will be going into rotation


  • Hosts – While we want to seat guests in a timely manner and fill empty tables, we also want to ensure that we are setting the restaurant up for success and able to offer guests the best service possible. Use your visual cues (coasters and/or drinks are down, menus are closed, etc.) to determine when a table is ready. Communicate with each server to ensure that they are ready to take another table, and check in with a float to help start tables if needed—also check in with a float or manager if you notice a server may need assistance.

  • Servers – keeping with the theme of positive communication, please do not hesitate to reach out when you need help. We do want to keep sections full when we are on a wait, but also ensure that you are all set up for success and not feeling weeded. A float would be more than happy to help start tables or offer assistance in your section. Also, if you notice a ticket time is high, please check in with the kitchen directly but positively “Hey guys, do we have an ETA on table 6?”

  • Any food allergy should be communicated with the kitchen. We specifically do not have an “allergy” button so that the server can have a conversation with the BOH about the guest’s allergy.

  • Closing servers – please wipe out the inside of the tray holders (both upstairs and down) with a sani rag. This will help keep them clean and sparkly over time!

  • Shift change completion looked great this week! Keep up the hard work and communication to ensure all shift change is getting done.

  • When pouring beer behind the bar, please use a spoon to scoop away extra foam (scoop only the foam out, not the beer). For a particularly foamy beer, please use a gravy separator.


  • Spatula Awareness Week was great! Keep using your spatulas to get every bit of food out of containers (such as hummus).

  • New Awareness Week: Tenders! Let’s focus on golden and delicious tenders!

  • The Wednesday opener will be coming in early to check for Monthly Cleaning tasks that will need to be completed before opening.