• The Annual Toy Drive is in full swing folks! Bring on some new toys for the kiddos!

  • It’s national cookie day today!


  • New monthly specials start tomorrow (12/5)! If you haven’t done so already, please review them.

  • Employees will receive 100% discount on monthly items (if feedback is provided) from 12/5 through 12/11.

  • Willamette Valley Cheese Co. will not be offering aged gouda for awhile. We will be serving Boernkas on the 185 mile salad instead; this starts tomorrow. FOH, please communicate this change with guests and the menu will reflect it soon.

  • We have Festive Fridays in December! Feel free to show your off your holiday swag every Friday, just keep it work appropriate/to dress code standards.


  • FYI, plastic straws are available if a guest requests them. Please see a manager if a customer requests them.

  • Make sure that tables know that you will be settling their tab, every table, every time.


  • It is Chip Awareness! Please test the chips and make sure they’re up to par.

  • Please check the oil calendar before starting up the fryers and initial when you have taken care of it, so we all know it was done.

  • Our oil bins in the alley have changed. The three drums and small plastic bin are for waste grease from the grill and smoker. The large dumpster is for fryer oil ONLY. The medium dumpster to the left is going away.