• Pray for Snow is happening this Thursday (12/13) at the Tap Room from 7-9 p.m.


  • Yesterday was the last day for 100% off Monthly items. Thanks for all of the feedback!

  • Please do not mark on Read and Signs as it adds clutter, if you have comments or questions, email Beth.

  • Food credits can only be applied post-shift, as clock-out time is not always certain. You are welcome to keep your tab open to pay when you’re done .

  • Pre-soak in the dish pit is to be used for flatware only.

  • FYI, all locations will be closed Christmas Day. The pub will be open until 4p.m. Christmas Eve, while Caves and the Tap Room will be closed.

  • As stated in the employee handbook, “Employees may not park in the free parking spaces downtown”. Let a manager know if you have questions about specific areas.

  • Let’s try to keep the crates around the ice bin organized and tidy. More specifics will be added to weekly lists soon.


  • When a customer orders a crowler, please check with them which one they would like (holiday gift crowler or standard). If holiday, special instruct that when ringing a crowler in to the bar.

  • There are new bathroom cleaning procedures and chemicals for openers. Please check the list closely.

  • Please serve a wet nap and sharp knife with apricot chicken sliders.


  • Please remember to waste log every item wasted, every time.

  • Let’s take care of the oil containers left over in the kitchen daily as it will build up quickly.

  • Don’t forget to sign off on monthly cleaning lists to ensure duties are completed.

  • The medium oil waste container will be gone soon, please don’t use any longer.