• Dine out at the Tap Room today for Corvallis Kiwanis Foundation

  • Winter’s Eve is this Friday, downtown from 5:00-9:30. Some Block peeps will be there slingin’ beverages!


  • We want feedback on smoked salmon. If you try it, let us know what you think! FOH, encourage feedback from customers for this dish.

  • Both turkey and beef patties will now be 5.62 oz. BOH, this means they will cook a bit faster, keep an eye on them.

  • Please clean up ice that spills out from the bin when you’re retrieving more (it’s a slip hazard).

  • We will be reaching the end of the romaine lettuce ban soon and will get it back in house in the near future.


  • Starting Thursday, we will have Tito’s vodka available for guests wanting a gluten-free vodka.

  • Please fill out your server feedback form every shift. Even if it’s a question you have answered many times, repetition is good for memory!

  • Apple juice, half and half, and heavy whipping cream should all live in the soup cooler now.

  • Let’s make sure to re-stock appropriately in the morning, overstocking can lead to waste and clutter.

  • There will be $5 off of $30 coupons coming in from the Winter’s Eve event. They should be limited to one per check, (ex. If four people each have a coupon and are paying together, only one coupon can be used. If checks are separate, it’s fine). If you have questions, please ask a manager.


  • It is plating awareness week! Make sure each plate presents exactly how it should be, nice and pretty. Use the pictures that are posted for reference.

  • Keep an eye on the quality of our crackers for the salmon mousse. Taste them to make sure they’re not stale.

  • The hotel pan under the smoker needs to be washed every night.

  • When closing dish, please clean under the sink strainer, as well as cleaning the strainer.

  • Don’t forget to waste log avocados if they’re thrown out.

  • Music played in the dish pit should always be family friendly, just as it is for the FOH.