• Block Friday is happening this week (11/23) at the Tap Room. Make sure to familiarize yourself with the info included in the newsletter.

  • The Civil War game is this Friday (11/23) at OSU stadium at 1:00 p.m.

  • The Annual Toy Drive will be starting December 1st! Keep an eye out for Katy’s email regarding this event.


  • It is chicken tender awareness week! Make sure they are always looking perfectly cooked.

  • The heat level of pickled jalapenos changes seasonally. They will be milder this time of year and heat levels will vary throughout the year.

  • Congrats to our new kitchen leads, Adrian and James!


  • 86 Bacardi for good.

  • Please make sure the lid is completely closed on the Swiffer pads once you grab what you need, they dry up easily.

  • When cleaning the bathrooms in the morning, let’s thoroughly scrub around urinals to combat the smell (comet should be used). Keep your eye out for an official write up on bathroom cleaning procedure.

  • We should also do a bathroom check before leaving for the day. The more checks, the cleaner it gets!

  • Please let the hosts and float know when you are going on break.


  • The bread should be cut evenly for the Shiitake Po Boy every time.

  • Let’s keep a close eye on the moisture level of the meat for the Italian, should not be dried out.

  • Towards the end of the night, please keep an eye on items that we are really low on and write it on the prep white board for AM crew (ex.: There are only 3 WW Buns left).

  • Make sure the corn chips are nice and salty. Give them a try every so often to check on that flavor.

  • To clarify, a 2 piece tender order should always be plated on a pub green plate and a kid tender plated on a basket.

  • Closers, let’s only use the prep mop bucket for cleaning to avoid grease moving into the dining area. Also, the white bucket for slop mopping should be washed every night.

  • For chicken tender awareness week, let’s make sure we are temping each tender and checking for the right color. Also, they should all be similarly sized and not have big fatty chunks.

  • We will be starting a cleaning procedure twice monthly for the dumpster and grease bin areas. Block will clean it once a month and Caves will clean once a month. Keep an eye out for a calendar denoting said cleaning.

  • On the topic of grease, we are having continued issues with grease being disposed of improperly. If you are unsure of which bin to dump used grease in, please ask.