• Employee portal will be going live this week. It includes: brews letter, read and sign, and other valuable information for employees. Keep an eye out for the link to the portal.

  • While the R&S will be received through the portal, you will still be required to sign it in house on your next shift.

  • Our standard for add-on portions of protein are 2.5oz.


  • We do not need to necessarily inform customers of the protein portion change. Verbiage for discussing it should be 2.5oz of protein for the price advertised. If a customer would like a 5oz (AKA full portion), we can still accommodate as usual.

  • If customers would like more crackers for the salmon mousse, feel free to get them more, without charge. At the same time, offer a table more crackers if you notice they’re out and still have mousse.

  • As a vegan option for our customers, we can add an Earth patty to any item. It’s bomb on a salad! Vegetarians can also add fried shiitakes (they are not vegan).

  • When you are phased, our expectation is for you to be done within 30 minutes. This also means if your table won’t be cashed out by then, sell it to the server taking your section.

  • FYI, the urinal mats should be against the wall with the pointy side facing the sink.


  • Portion of chicken should always be 5 slices regardless of how many ounces. It should also be sliced and not chopped.

  • When adding an Earth patty to an item, it should be sliced.

  • Small adjustments will be made to the SW Burger, BBQ Burger, and Shiitake Po Boy, please double check the procedures.

  • There will be a “Bacon Waste Log” in the kitchen. Please make sure to record all bacon waste immediately. If accounting for leftover bacon (end of night bacon) that is to be used later, please denote that specifically on the sheet.