Pub Read and Sign - May 15, 2019


  • Spring menu changes went live today! We will have tempeh available as an add-on or as a sub starting tomorrow- it is slightly smoked and delicious!

  • If you notice any posters (the ones normally hanging on windows) taken down or missing a sticky hook or are dirty, please fix them.


  • When putting away ketchups at night, make sure we aren’t moving anything shelf-wise, just slide items over to make room (raw items must stay on bottom shelf). Ask kitchen staff if you need help finding room.

  • On the subject of ketchups, please make sure they are wiped down after they are filled so they aren’t sticky the next day.

  • Please help bus and wipe the brewbar and rail as needed.

  • Alongside other menu changes tomorrow, we will be changing how we offer sides. Please tell guests, “Your burger/sandwich comes standard with fries, if you would like, you may upgrade to soup or salad.” The upcharge for a side of soup or salad will be $1.


  • We will be weighing mushrooms for the Po Boy from now on for consistency. Sarah will announce what the weight is soon.

  • If you are transferring something from Block to Caves or from Caves to Block, have a lead or manager of the location you are taking from sign off on the transfer sheet for it. If no lead or manager is on, ask whoever is there.

  • If you transfer three different items or more, fill out an invoice and have someone sign off on it and leave a copy above the recycling bin (ex. “1 jar of capers, 1 jar of mayo, and 2 oranges” would need to be invoiced). Ask a manager if you have questions.

  • Please pay attention to rotation of all items in all areas. Newest always needs to go in back so the oldest items are used first. This goes for items in prep and in upstairs kitchen. Double check your dates.

  • Do your best to work ahead on prepping bacon ahead of rushes, we want to stay away from frying bacon. If it’s an emergency and prep is still here- they can throw some in the oven.

Pub Read and Sign - May 8, 2019


  • Mother’s Day is this weekend and we also have a few events going on- keep up with that newsletter!  

  • New Spring food menu will launch next week- check your newsletter for details.

  • Reminder: tan dumpsters are for cardboard and blue dumpsters are for garbage.

  • New Mug club year started last week - one of their benefits is their first beer in house is free- servers: button is “mug club free beer” and will prompt for their mug number.


  • Ketchup awareness week. Make sure they aren’t fermented (it will have a lot of little bubbles in the bottle), clean them when they’re empty and upon refill. Married ketchups will be refrigerated overnight in the kitchen reach-in as well.

  • To preserve lemons- split a store n’ pour of lemons between floors (put them in kids cups with lid and throw out what is left over at the end of the night and let bar know how much (if any) was wasted.

  • We don’t do weekend gameroom reservations, meaning we can’t do reservations for OSU graduation.

  • Servers: please water the front planters daily and check them in the afternoon/at shift change.

  • Before delivering to-go food to customers, ensure they have paid with the bar by checking in with bartender.

  • Reminder: don’t use cups to scoop ice- it will result in chipped rims and force us to throw them away.

  • Bring dessert menus back upstairs when you’re done- don’t leave in breakroom.

  • Warm weather this weekend- be ready for outside section to get busy.

  • Bring a knife and fork for guests with Huli Huli.

  • We now can get guests a second tartar sauce for Fish and fries, if they need, without charge. As always, guests can have two sauces with fry baskets and full chicken tender baskets.


  • Closers, please keep the mop sink and ice bin area clean and tidy when closing. Scrub under everything and tuck away items neatly.

  • Closers, don’t forget to take out grease buckets at end of night.

  • Keep an eye out regarding information about weekly tracked food items on white boards to help us stay on top of them.

  • Please scrub the wall of Caves with a deck brush weekly (it will be added to weekly project list). Also, sweep up dried crud under that wall before washing.

  • Continue to keep an eye on chip freshness. Fry them first to allow them to cool so they don’t steam in containers, you can leave them at the bar to cool if needed. When we are slow, make sure the lids are closed tightly.

Pub Read and Sign - May 1, 2019


  • OSU Baseball is happening Friday at 5:30 p.m., Saturday at 6 p.m., and Sunday at 12:00 p.m.

  • Spring Family Weekend is this weekend (May 4th-6th) at OSU, it will be busy!

  • New Monthly Specials start tomorrow- check your newsletter for details.

  • Spring menu changes will be happening on May 15th.

  • New Mug club year starts tomorrow- one of their benefits is their first beer in house is free- servers: button is “mug club free beer” and will prompt for their mug number.

  • When recycling cardboard, fill the bin closest to Jefferson St. first before using other bins.


  • Servers: please water the front planters daily starting now. It will be on your lists officially starting next week.

  • Dog water bowls should go back to dish every time we reset a table after the guest and their dog leaves. Every dog should have fresh water and tables without dogs shouldn’t have bowls under their feet.


  • It is invoice and bread organization awareness week! Make sure what we are receiving is actually here and put away properly- especially bread.

  • Make sure nothing is left under the grill and clean under it really well when closing.

  • Day dishwashers: make sure to check out with night dishwashers as you’re leaving. Keep your eye out for a shift change list to fill out before you leave for the day.

  • Please put the downstairs ice cream back in the freezer the second you have grabbed what you needed so it’s not forgotten and left to melt.

  • Don’t forget to initial your chips once you’ve made them.

  • We will be using the flat 1.5 oz bullets for all sauces (except thin sauces, i.e. dressings like rosemary balsamic). There will be more updates on bullet usage in the newsletter, so please familiarize yourself with these changes.

  • Make sure to finish containers before opening new ones- scrape out every last bit (especially sour cream and mayonnaise). Also, please initial and date new containers that you open.

Pub Read and Sign - April 24, 2019


  • OSU Baseball is happening Friday at 5:30 p.m., Saturday at 1:30 p.m., and Sunday at 1:00 p.m.

  • Spring Family Weekend is next weekend (May 4th-6th) at OSU, it will be busy.

  • Make sure you take a second and carefully read food tickets to have every food item hit the table correctly.

  • If you break a lot of dishes or notice we are low on dishes or silverware during slower hours (non-lunch or dinner rush times), let someone know we may need a restock.

  • Wings will now come will celery and carrots!


  • When cleaning the bathrooms, block the door with the trash can- it signals to guests that the restroom is unavailable. You may also use a caution sign if it’s going to take a moment.

  • The plastic $5 off of $30 cards are reusable- don’t mark on them or hole punch them please.


  • Yellow Towel Awareness Week! Please be diligent about only having line openers bring up 12 and trying to reuse as much as possible, even rinsing them out will extend their usage. Prep: let’s go with 6 towels each day.

  • For any portioning with bullets, please use the small bullet, the other bullets are too large. Also, keep an eye on portioning Feta (only 1oz.) and Bleu Cheese Crumbles (loose bullet).

  • Keep an eye on French fry portions as well- there will be visuals for proper portioning throughout the week for guidance.

  • Keep an eye on celery portioning as well and make sure they are cut thin.

  • Don’t put things in the very bottom of the reach in as it blocks air flow.

  • Let’s take herbs and green onions down with lettuce, carrots, and cucumbers. Basically, anything that is delicate or could freeze should go down.

  • Let’s work on completing the cleaning list items thoroughly- especially the fryer area, backsplash, and pass through. If you cleaned it and got busy again- please re-do it as needed.

Pub Read and Sign - April 17, 2019


  • Make sure to keep up with your newsletter for events and such!

  • OSU Baseball is happening Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights at 7:00 p.m.

  • The Spring OSU football game is at Reser Stadium at 2:00 p.m. on Saturday.

  • Thank you to everyone for working so hard for the second round of gymnastics tournaments this weekend! 😊  


  • Please make sure guests are aware of menu items’ size when it’s small/under $10. Specifically, with the skewers, make sure guests are aware this dish is a smaller plate and not our typical entree portion. I like to suggest adding a green salad to have with them to make it more of a full meal.


  • Keep rockin’ on!

Pub Read and Sign - April 10, 2019


  • Many new beers were released yesterday, please update yourselves with the info boards pre-shift.

  • The Corvallis half marathon will be this Sunday and the 5k run will be on Saturday. We will be there pouring beverages both days.

  • When scooping ice cream, please use a scoop with a grey handle and make the scoop flat and even (no extra ice cream). Also, when the bin is getting low, scrape the last bit of ice cream out of the container to reduce waste.


  • Openers: before doing anything else, please put the mat down in front of the back/employee entrance door for safety and to prevent water tracking in the morning. All other mats can be put down later still.


  • Please use the red sani buckets only.

  • Make sure to check your fry portions. We will be weighing out visuals throughout the week.

  • Focus on Korean BBQ on the Hawaiian Burger- not too much, not too little. Consistency is key to making that burger awesome.

  • Line Closers- please send the grease tray from the smoker through the dishwasher at the end of the night. Prep- please replace this in the morning before using smoker.

  • Line Closers- when taking down salad greens, take down cucumbers and shredded carrots from the reach in with you to prevent freezing.

  • Wednesday line openers- don’t forget to check off monthly cleaning projects once they’re completed.

  • Use a loose bullet for bleu cheese crumbles- don’t pack it, we want to shoot for 1oz portions.

Pub Read and Sign - April 3, 2019


  • Gymnastics tournaments will be happening this week. Thursday will be 3 p.m. and Friday will be 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. Plan on both days being busy, but Friday will especially be busy.

  • It is Oyster Week- Please know all of the events, specials and locations of oysters used for specials. Customers will have questions. FOH- please write the location of oysters on the specials board for that day.

  • Don’t use cups to scoop ice, please only use the actual scoop. The cups will chip.

  • We cannot use the plastic clear cups with black lids on them- health code states that when using a straw less lid, we must also use a cup with a handle.

  • Out of respect to our neighboring business- please don’t smoke under the shelter of the Hive, move to the alleyway instead.


  • Please continue to focus on proper names of food when delivering to tables. Don’t use “regular burger”, “spin dip”, “meat shroom”, etc. Please use proper names such as “Oregon Country Beef Burger”, “Spinach Dip”, and “Magic Mushrooms”.

  • We will be accepting left over tokens from Oyster & Beer Fest that’s this Saturday. There will be $5 and $1 tokens that can be redeemed for product. Treat them just as you would $5 cards. If you have questions, please ask a manager.

  • After discussion with OLCC, we can be more flexible on the 11 p.m. exit for minors than we have been in the past. If you have a table in question with a minor that may be here past 11, please let a manager know and we can help evaluate what said guests’ out time should look like.

  • Minor employees can be here past 11 p.m. as long as they are performing their job functions. A minor employee may also be allowed to eat post shift, as long as it is downstairs in the breakroom and not in a minor restricted area (AKA the entire restaurant post 11 p.m.)


  • Let’s make sure we run a knife through the mama lil’s peppers before they hit the cobb salad to keep the size reasonable.

  • Keep an eye on tenders when bagging. Make sure that you don’t bag them unless they’re completely frozen or else they will stick together. Let’s also refrain from stacking trays when freezing. 

Pub Read and Sign - March 27, 2019


  • Next week is Oyster Week - details are posted around the restaurant and in the newsletter.

  • New monthly specials and desserts tomorrow!


  • Hosts, please remember to suggest to customers: ordering drinks from the bar, visiting caves, and dining in the game room (when there’s a server) when we are on longer than a 5 minute wait.

  • When it’s nice outside, don’t forget to ask each customer if they would prefer inside or outside, especially when we get on a wait. Use the color-coding system next to the iPad to denote in/out on Waitlist.

  • When food running, try to bring unused, unnecessary app plates/silverware that has not touched the table back to the kitchen to re-use.


  • Keep on being awesome!!

Pub Read and Sign - March 20, 2019


  • It is wash your hands awareness, not just this week, always and forever.

  • NCAA women’s playoffs are in town this weekend (12:00 & 2:30 p.m.). Beavs are the 2:30 game. There will also be a game Monday- TBD.

  • Baseball is happening this weekend as well. 7p.m. on Friday, 1 p.m. Saturday, and 2 p.m. Sunday! Get ready for a crazy weekend folks!

  • One of our cardboard bins will soon be a weekend only bin. It will be denoted as such sometime this week.


  • Please communicate to guests sooner than later when seating minors on late nights. At 10:00 p.m., guests being seated should be aware that minors have an hour before they must leave. Outside guests should also be made aware that they have an hour left to finish alcoholic beverages.

  • Please specifically use menu item names when delivering food to tables to avoid customer confusion. I.E. don’t use the term “Regular Burger” but the name “Oregon Country Beef Burger” instead.

  • If the blue ketchup bin upstairs is looking sticky, please take it to the bar at close and have them clean it.

  • It is Spring! This means strange weather; it’s going to be randomly warm and we won’t always be staffed for it. Please try to be flexible and prepare for sections to be a little strange until we have consistently good weather.


  • Modifications to oil bin instructions will be made this week. Keep an eye out for labels on the bins.

  • Let’s start tracking when Ribs run out- write down the time on the oil calendar.

  • We’re also tracking “hold Gbreads” on the line- there’s a tally sheet for it

Pub Read and Sign - March 13, 2019


  • There is a beer and food pairing this Saturday featuring Block 15 at Gathering Together Farms.  


  • Spring Cocktails will be happening this Friday!

  • Mug club renewals are starting this Thursday—keep an eye out for info from Goody.

  • Servers: when doing restock in the morning, please also check desserts.


  • Dishwashers: Let’s take some extra time scrubbing under the dishwasher at night and around all of the pipes.

  • If you haven’t read Sarah’s oil spill write-up, please do so.

Pub Read and Sign - March 6, 2019


  • It is Sauce Awareness Week! Bullets should only be ¾ oz full.

  • Please do not touch any thermostats or fans for FOH- they are set intentionally and have been tested to create a comfortable atmosphere.

  • Daylight Savings Time is around the corner. Make sure to set your clocks forward an hour this Saturday night.


  • Let’s really focus on tracking our sauces, specifically ranch. If you grab a ranch for a table, there is a tally sheet living in the upstairs server cabinet and one in the kitchen to track if it is NOT being run in the computer by a server.

  • Servers- offer side sauces when appropriate while taking a guests’ order for convenience and tracking. Ring in every sauce, every time, unless its ranch accounted for on the tally sheet.

  • Make sure to clean your tables before going on break.

  • Please refresh yourselves on our policy when it comes to introducing/letting tables know when they are getting a new server.

  • Try to keep the server bus station upstairs as tidy as possible. This includes not constantly having extra glassware bus bins and dirty silverware containers- it creates clutter.

  • If you take the last of item from a box, break it down. If you don’t have time to recycle it in that moment, let a friend know to help you remember to do so or see if they can take it.

  • Don’t forget some of our guest beverage options have changed! Please refresh yourself by visiting Goody’s write up in the kitchen.


  • Only use the swamp cooler when absolutely necessary and not for too long to avoid cooling off food in the window.

  • Speaking of food temps, please time grilled chicken well so it’s not sitting in the window for too long as it cools quickly.

  • Prep will now slice a lemon for Salmon Mousse for consistency.

  • Reminder: Be very cautious not to over fill the oil bins! Make sure you leave a substantial gap so it won’t overflow when heated by the sun. Sarah will also be including a write up in the newsletter on proper clean up if an oil spill occurs.

  • Make sure the buns for the Paddy Burger are toasty since it’s a messy one.

  • Let’s check the tortilla chip par around 4:30 when the night lead is here to avoid having to make more during dinner. 

Pub Read and Sign - Feb. 27, 2019


  • New monthly specials tomorrow- check the info!

  • It’s Lipstick on Glassware Awareness Week! Check when you bus, wash, and go to serve a drink for marks.

  • No ceramics in the glassware recycling. On the subject, broken glass should always be thrown away, not recycled. Put a lid on the broken glass bucket in the kitchen when it’s full and throw it out.  


  • Servers, please make sure you are assigning table numbers to all tables in the computer. This will help with your organization and leads’/managements’ ability to help you.

  • For vegan shiitake mushrooms- please use the shiitake add on/sub button and special instruct (“grilled”).

  • When a bottled or canned beverage is ordered, the bartender will leave it in the window for you alongside the appropriate glassware. Please pour some of the beverage for a guest upon arrival at their table (they should get the visual) and leave the rest of the container with them.

  • Barbacks: please ensure all H2O is poured out of rinsed empty glassware that is being sent out to a table.

  • Make sure bug lights are always plugged in- no need to unplug them at night (these are the blueish lights above table 6, by the upstairs bus station, and by the highchairs).


  • It is Chip Awareness Week- they should be fresh, crispy, and perfectly salted. Keep an eye out for a document from Wertz detailing how many to prep each day to avoid making too much; we can always make more.

  • Make sure we are taking G-Bread downstairs at close with the rest of the bread.

  • Move things around when closing to sweep & mop the entirety of the floor at night. Clean under shelves, move buckets, take out ALL recycling, etc.

  • Don’t leave lettuce out- keep it refrigerated.

  • Distribute mayo/sauce on burgers and sandwiches evenly every time and don’t over-sauce it. 

Pub Read and Sign - Feb. 20, 2019


  • New monthly specials will go live next Wednesday!

  • We will now have a bucket live next to citrus in the cellar to compost rotten citrus. Please put your old produce in this bucket and waste log appropriately.

  • Make sure aprons are being put away properly post shift, not left behind floating in the break room.

  • When interacting with guests, please use gender neutral language. Let’s avoid using “guys” and refer to a group neutrally (phrases like: “Y’all, folks, you, and everybody” or “you two”, “you three” work well).


  • Please change sani buckets every other hour and swap out really dirty towels and replace with clean ones to ensure they are acceptable to clean with.

  • If a customer needs cream for their nitro cold brew coffee, please grab a bell pour before picking up the coffee to serve it on the side for them. This will ensure they get a full coffee pour and can control the amount of cream they want to use.


  • Check Red Beans and Rice consistency every couple of hours, even if it’s late night.

  • Kitchen closers: change out the compost bucket in cellar at end of night when checking for pooling water.

  • Dish closers: don’t forget there is a second page of the closing list, always check for projects on that page.

  • It is yellow towel awareness week. Line openers: please bring up 12 and try to reuse as much as possible, even rinsing them out will extend their usage. Prep: let’s start with 6 towels each day. In comparison, our average has been 30 a day, we would like to see less usage. Also, changing sani every other hour will help. 

Pub Read and Sign - Feb. 13, 2019


  • Civil War Men’s Basketball is this Saturday! Be prepared to be busy.


  • We are only using cilantro to garnish black bean and bacon soup from now on.

  • It is Napkin Awareness week. FOH, please place a napkin with each customer when running food and don’t leave napkins if they have a decent amount leftover from their appetizer.


  • It is Out Time Awareness Week! Make sure you are clocking out 15-20 minutes after being phased.

  • Don’t forget that customers need to get a beverage in order to receive HH price on food.

  • Make sure we’re not congregating at server stations or the host stand. Stay busy to satisfy guest perception that we are constantly working to meet their needs.

  • When using comet on the floor, you only need to do a light dusting. Don’t use too much as it means the floor will need to be re-mopped. A green scrubby can be used to make the comet work harder.


  • Keep an eye on the amount of time you spend frying the sausage garnish for red beans and rice so it doesn’t get dried out.

  • Let’s focus on kitchen floors when closing. Work hard to get all of the grease cleaned up to prevent it from moving out into FOH. Managers may ask you to mop again, so this is your head’s up.

  • On the topic of floors, please clean out the shop vac after each use.

  • Dishwashers: don’t forget there is now a weekly cleaning list, please knock those projects out.

  • Let’s cut limes to order from now on. 

Pub Read and Sign - Feb. 6, 2019


  • Thanks for rockin’ this weekend and bourbon month so far, keep it up!


  • Don’t forget to take Glencairns straight to the bar instead of putting them in a glass rack. So far, placing them under the white board/on the server cabinet has worked great.

  • On the subject of glassware, don’t stack taster glasses as they break easily that way.

  • There will no longer be QA used in bathroom cleaning, simple green can be used for the changing station. If need be, you can also use a wipe to disinfect further.

  • Don’t forget to make sure our guests throw their name on their bourbon passport (there’s a perfect spot on the back for it).


  • It is packing your Banh Mi Awareness week! Make sure that scoop is nice and full to get the proper portion every time.

  • It is also Wash Your Hands Awareness week, especially for the grill. Every time you touch meat, wash your hands right away.

  • Floors under the fryers have been much better, keep it up 😊

  • Let’s make sure the Salmon Mousse presentation is beautiful every time (not left in scoop form), check that picture if you need a refresher.

  • Keep an eye on items that are time controlled (i.e. fish flour) and make sure they are being changed every four hours. Be on the look out for a specific guide from Haakan in the next day or so.

Pub Read and Sign - Jan. 30, 2019


  • Bourbon month is upon us this weekend, review the information, and know your stuff 


  • We do not accept resumes in house just FYI. If anyone wants to apply, they can go to They can attach resumes there too.

  • New Monthly Specials start tomorrow!

  • Salmon board will be changing, look for the changes in the internal newsletter.

  • Wash your shoes before every shift.

  • Please compost any cellar citrus that is rotting into prep kitchen’s compost. Also, waste log whatever you have to compost.


  • Hosts: make sure that you are following a seating rotation while also balancing the number of tables in each server’s section. For example, 2-5 is full but the 6-10 server only has one table, do what you can to even it out for them.

  • Hosts & Food runners: as the restaurant slows down (post lunch, dinner, late night), check in with the bartender and let them know how many open, clean tables there are when hosting or how many tickets are on the line when food running to potentially get phased.

  • Saturday closers, it is now on the closing list to clean cobwebs and walls all the way around the outside of the restaurant.

  • When directing guests to the game room, give them food menus.

  • When there is down time, help catch up on dishes (especially during the weekdays as there is no day dishwasher).

  • On the subject of dishes, try to periodically take them back often to avoid giving the dishwasher three full buckets all at once. If you need help taking dishes back, please ask a float for help.

  • Grilled mushrooms are no longer vegan due to the use of butter. If a guest is requesting vegan mushrooms, we could sauté shiitake mushrooms instead.


  • It is cleaning under the fryers awareness week! Closers, make it beautiful 

  • Please be diligent when scooping Banh Mi, use the yellow (2.5oz) scoop and pack it to ensure you’re getting the correct portion.

  • When taking mats out at night, take the key back to Block immediately after unlocking the box to ensure it does not get lost.

  • When the oil bin is nearly full (1 to 1 ½ inches from the top), don’t dump anymore oil in, let Sarah know so it can be emptied.   

Pub Read and Sign - Jan. 23, 2019


  • For this week’s events, check out the newsletter.


  • Cold/Flu season is still happening. Wash your hands, especially after touching dirty plates or touching your hair/face.

  • FYI, our onions are a little intense at the moment. Kitchen, make sure we’re not using too much.

  • Please ensure that the proper lid is being used for parsley and paprika oil garnishes to prevent using too much on soups.

  • Check the 86 board for items that need to be pushed.

  • We will no longer be using soup napkins, instead we will be using recycled menus. Yay for recycling even more! 

  • Coffee grounds need to be weighed every time coffee is brewed.

  • Make sure to place the mop wringer aside from the bucket to prevent breaking it.


  • Please be intentional in which colors are used for the specials board. Specifically, the blue, white, and bright yellow markers work best for legibility.

  • When stocking growlers behind the bar, place caps on them.

  • Sauces in the upstairs ice container should be upside down so they don’t leak sauce into the container.

  • Double check that you are tipping the correct hosts/food runners out. Use the white board to check names.


  • Having trouble organizing food on the new boards? Check out the updated picture for guidance.

Pub Read and Sign - Jan. 16, 2019


  • We have noticed that some pieces of the dress code are being missed, so there is a copy of the code in the breakroom. Please take a few minutes this week to review the dress code policy.

  • We have had some rockin’ busy lunch & dinner shifts lately, so we would like to remind everyone to focus on communication on all levels (hosts checking in with servers before seating, telling the kitchen about seating a handful of tables, long ticket times, 86’d items, etc.) and to remember to communicate with each other positively.

  • The area in front of the kitchen window is very visible to guests, so please help to keep this area looking awesome by sweeping often!

  • Just a reminder to all staff—your first cup of coffee is free, additional cups are .25 cents each. You can toss cash into the jar in the kitchen, or have the bartender add cups of coffee to your food tab.

  • New Brewer’s Board boards will be going into rotation


  • Hosts – While we want to seat guests in a timely manner and fill empty tables, we also want to ensure that we are setting the restaurant up for success and able to offer guests the best service possible. Use your visual cues (coasters and/or drinks are down, menus are closed, etc.) to determine when a table is ready. Communicate with each server to ensure that they are ready to take another table, and check in with a float to help start tables if needed—also check in with a float or manager if you notice a server may need assistance.

  • Servers – keeping with the theme of positive communication, please do not hesitate to reach out when you need help. We do want to keep sections full when we are on a wait, but also ensure that you are all set up for success and not feeling weeded. A float would be more than happy to help start tables or offer assistance in your section. Also, if you notice a ticket time is high, please check in with the kitchen directly but positively “Hey guys, do we have an ETA on table 6?”

  • Any food allergy should be communicated with the kitchen. We specifically do not have an “allergy” button so that the server can have a conversation with the BOH about the guest’s allergy.

  • Closing servers – please wipe out the inside of the tray holders (both upstairs and down) with a sani rag. This will help keep them clean and sparkly over time!

  • Shift change completion looked great this week! Keep up the hard work and communication to ensure all shift change is getting done.

  • When pouring beer behind the bar, please use a spoon to scoop away extra foam (scoop only the foam out, not the beer). For a particularly foamy beer, please use a gravy separator.


  • Spatula Awareness Week was great! Keep using your spatulas to get every bit of food out of containers (such as hummus).

  • New Awareness Week: Tenders! Let’s focus on golden and delicious tenders!

  • The Wednesday opener will be coming in early to check for Monthly Cleaning tasks that will need to be completed before opening.

Pub Read and Sign - Jan. 9, 2019


  • Pray for Snow is happening this Thursday at the Tap Room at 7:00!


  • When running the Clam Linguine to a guest, please take an app plate out with it.


  • We will be switching urinal mats twice a week now (Mondays and Thursdays).

  • Please make sure in the AM that the triangular edge of the urinal mat is pointing at the sink, not to the wall behind the urinals. 

  • Don’t forget to do bathroom checks during shift change to make sure it’s tidy and smells pleasant.

  • When placing the mat by the ice bin door, place one edge on the bump inside the kitchen, it will help it stay in place.

  • Food runners, please remember to check chocolate and caramel before leaving and fill them when needed. When filling caramel, use the entire can, don’t leave any left over.

  • Just a FYI, shift change is everyone’s responsibility. Work as a team to complete tasks and communicate to get all assignments done. 


  • It’s spatula awareness week! Please use your spatulas to get every bit of food out of containers (such as hummus).

  • It is also sandwich awareness week! All sandwiches served on ale, please pay attention to and make sure the ingredients are evenly distributed and present nicely.

  • There is now a daily dish cleaning list to keep it nice and tidy back there.

  • The procedure for baking ale bread has slightly changed, the recipe is the same but the bread will crisp up faster because of it.

  • There will be a weekly cleaning of the metal backsplash in the kitchen to be completed in the AM.

Pub Read and Sign - Dec. 19, 2018


  • Last day to donate to the Toy Drive is Friday the 21st.


  • Resilience IPA project launches today- 100% of proceeds will go to the Sierra Nevada Camp Fire Relief Fund.

  • If you work Christmas Eve, please feel free to wear your festive gear like Festive Friday.

  • When restocking anything, please make sure the old is upfront and new is in the back. Check dates and organize accordingly (this includes anything from wine to sauces to chicken in the walk-in).


  • Our procedure for Tap Room reservations is changing. If anyone wants to make one, have them contact


  • Please use the guideline provided to check for consistency in portioning of our smoked salmon.

  • Let’s check the crackers daily to make sure they aren’t stale.