Our 20bbl production brewery, built in 2015 and located in the shadow of the coastal range in south Corvallis, is the workhorse of our brewing operations. In addition to an increased-capacity brewhouse, our production brewery houses custom-designed Uni-tanks, a custom-fabricated mixing tank, a Meheen bottling line, and a Cask canning line.

This brewery is also home to a temperature-controlled barrel room, which houses bourbon, Scotch whisky, cognac and brandy barrels filled with beers such as Super Nebula, Figgy Pudding, and Hypnosis.

Want to check out our facility in person? Feel free to stop by when our Tap Room is open, grab a pint and sandwich, and watch our brewer's working hard on the beer you love!


Our Meheen bottling line, which we use for packaging our Seasonal Bottle Conditioned Series as well as bottled special releases like Super Nebula, Imagine, Figgy Pudding and more.


We opt for our Cask canner for beers designed to be packaged, distributed, and consumed freshy fresh—generally hop-forward beers like Sticky Hands, as well as one-off releases like Board Shorts and Intergalactic Hop Shop.


We designed this mixing tank specially for our bottle-conditioned beers. By thoroughly mixing our conditioning additions—typically yeast and sugar or honey—into the beer just before packaging, we're able to evenly condition beers throughout a bottling run. This rustic technique for carbonating increases mouthfeel and aids in keeping the beer longer.