1. First Pint in your new mug is on us after 5/1
  2. Mug Club Beer Prices - $.25 off every beer—even off Hoppy Hour prices
  3. Mug Club Exclusive T-Shirt - $20 value
  4. Mug Club Mondays – Hoppy Hour beer prices all day
  5. Mug Club Birthday Lunch or Dinner (used during the week of your birthday)
    1. Mug Club B-Day Meal - Up to $12 value
    2. Mug Club B-Day Beer – Up to $5.50 value
    3. Mug Club B-Day Dessert – Up to $6 value
  6.  Exclusive opportunity to purchase bottles of Block 15 special releases the day before the public release at discounted prices bypassing beer release lines (one of our most popular benefits)
  7. Discounts and first chance at tickets for Special Events, Knights Games, etc.
  8. Free Pass to our annual Blocktoberfest event in October of every year
  9. Custom 2015-2016 Souvenir Mug available to take home after May 1st, 2016
  10. 17.5 oz Mug engraved with Block 15 Mug Club Logo & Mug Club Number
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