Thanks for your interest in ordering a Block 15 keg for your special event, wedding or kegerator. We would love to be able to assist you! To request a keg, please email with answers to the questions at the bottom of this page.

Due to the high volume of requests we field, we are only able to reply on Monday - Wednesday. Please monitor your email in the days following your request, as we often require additional information before we can finalize your order. All orders must be finalized by Wednesday @ 3PM, including any necessary followup with our sales team.

Example: If you need to pick up your keg on a Tuesday, the order must be finalized by the previous Wednesday @ 3PM.

As we are unable to offer kegs on short notice, we encourage you to reach out to our brewery friends around town if you are looking for a last-minute keg for your event.

Please note: all beer sales are final, and we are unable to accept returns or offer credits for any unconsumed beer.


50L = 13.2 Gallons = ~105 Pints (great for large events). $135 and up, depending on beer style.
¼ BBL = 7.75 Gallons = ~62 Pints (great for small to medium-sized events). $85 and up, depending on beer style.


Keg Deposit: $85/keg (refundable)
Pump Tap: $50/tap (refundable) + $5 rental (non-refundable)
Bucket Deposit: $20/bucket (refundable)


Please include the following details in your email to arrange a reservation:

  • Date of Event
  • When you would like to pick up your kegs?
    • Please keep in mind that all of our keg pickups are from our Tap Room in South Corvallis between the hours of 3pm - 5pm on Mondays - Fridays and  1pm - 5pm on Saturdays - Sundays.
  • How many kegs would you like?
  • What size keg(s) would you like?
  • Do you need pump tap(s) to get the beer out of the keg?
  • Do you need keg buckets for the keg(s)?
  • What styles of beer are you interested in?*

    *We will do our best to fulfill your specific beer-style requests. When your requested beer is not available, we will recommend the closest substitute. For example, if you request Alpha IPA, and it’s not available, we might instead recommend one of our seasonal IPAs.