• Block 15 Brewery & Tap Room (map)
  • 3415 Southwest Deschutes Street
  • Corvallis, OR, 97333
  • United States

Join us at Block 15 Brewery & Tap Room on Saturday, November 5th, for the release of three new barrel-matured beers—including one strong ale and two bottles from our wild cellar.

For November's release, instead of offering a one-off hop-forward beer in cans, we will also have cans of our next Sticky Hands variation available!


The release will begin at 11am, but we will be opening our doors at 8:30am, so you can arrive early and hang with our brewers over complimentary hot coffee, NutCakes donuts, some killer food specials, and our release beers on tap. (We'll issue you a number when you arrive, so you can mingle before the release without losing your spot in line.)


Strong Ale Matured in Brandy Barrels & Conditioned w/ Spices

Our winter holiday offering, Figgy Pudding is an English-style strong ale brewed with black strap molasses and a blend of English pale and specialty malts, producing rich notes of caramel, toasted nuts, dark fruits, and a hint of bittersweet chocolate. Aging in freshly-emptied brandy barrels and gentle spicing with Ceylon cinnamon, nutmeg, and allspice infuses this complex sipper with warming holiday flavors.

10.5% ABV
$11 / 500mL bottle
6 bottles / person


Ale Matured in Oak Barrels w/ Black Cap Raspberries

A blend of Belgian-style witbiers, open fermented with our house blend of brewer’s yeast, brettanomyces, and lactobacillus. A year-long maturation in French oak barrels with locally-grown black cap raspberries produced a deep purple beer that's awash with jammy raspberry character, complemented by soft notes of oak and tart, earthy funk. Framboise Black's bright acidity and dry, effervescent finish lend refreshing drinkability to this complex, fruity wild ale.

7% ABV
$11 / 500mL bottle
4 bottles / person


Spontaneously Fermented Ale Matured in a Single Oak Barrel

Turbulent Consequence is our spontaneous fermentation program, brewed using classic lambic methods from the Senne River Valley in Belgium. We typically select a handful of barrels to blend into a new release from this series, often after maturing on fruit. We've opted to release Non Mélangé unblended and unfruited in order to preserve this barrel's fascinating wild character. Matured in a single French oak barrel for 20 months, this small batch of Turbulent Consequence developed a deep complexity that includes notes of lemon zest, underripe fruit, delicate tannins, and a faint earthy minerality.

Note that we will not be offering Non Mélangé on draft, as 100% of this very limited offering has been bottled. This release is your only chance to taste this unique and delicious beer!

4.5% ABV
$11 / 500mL bottle
2 bottles / person


Hop Experience Ale - A Unique Variation

Occasionally, our brewers combine our base Sticky Hands recipe with innovative techniques and hops sourced from around the world, in order to create a unique variation of our Hop Experience Ale. Our second variation of 2016, Sticky Hands, Marmalade combines a trio of classic Block 15 hops (Chinook, Amarillo, and Apollo) with the new Belma varietal, which brings a mix of grapefruit and candied orange peel character. We selected this hop blend to complement our base Hop Experience Ale with zesty and jammy orange notes, while fermentation with a blend of English and American Ale yeast accentuates this beer's fruity notes and produces a silkier mouthfeel.

8.1% ABV
$3.25 / 16oz can, plus deposit
8 cans / person