• Block 15 Brewery & Taproom (map)
  • 3415 SW Descutes St
  • Corvallis, OR, 97333
  • USA
Block Friday 2018

Skip the crowds on Black Friday and stop by Block 15 Brewery & Tap Room instead for our second annual Block Friday. We'll be pulling rare bottles out of our cellar for sale to-go, offering a 20% discount on most of our merchandise and other packaged beer, and releasing our first Block Friday blend in 500mL bottles! (Rumor has it that we'll be updating this event with several other surprises offerings as we lead up to the event. 😉)

For the first time, we've blended out a special dark offering from our barrel maturation program for release at Block Friday. Our inaugural Block Friday blend is an imperial oat stout that was matured in Calvados apple brandy barrels. 

Limit: 4 bottles / person

• Enchantment 2014
• Framboise Black 2014
• Framboise Black 2016
• Ripple 2018
• Demon's Farm 2017
• Bellini 2016
• (Not) Imagine 2013
• Super Nebula, Breakfast with the Buffalo 2016
• Pappy's Dark 2012
• Autumn Farmhouse 2015 - sold by the case at 30% off

Limits: 1 bottle per beer, total limit of 4 bottles