• Block 15 Brewery & Tap Room (map)
  • 3415 Southwest Deschutes Street
  • Corvallis, OR, 97333
  • United States
Perishable Produce - Snozzberry.jpg

Join us at Block 15 Brewery & Tap Room on Saturday, September 1, for the release of Perishable Produce in 16oz tall boy cans and Snozzberry in 500 mL bottles. The beer will be available to purchase when the Tap Room doors open at 11:30am.




We jam-packed this beer full of hops bursting with blueberry, tangerine, and papaya notes—added to the beer as close to packaging as possible—and backed it with soft malts and water. Like a perfectly ripe piece of fruit, you will want to experience this luscious, blazey IPA fresh.

7% ABV
$4.00/ 16oz can, plus deposit
Limit 24 cans



Blended Wild Ale Matured with Snozzberries

This blend of wild ales was matured in oak barrels on copious amounts of freshly-harvested Snozzberries. 100% of berries added to this year's blend were grown according to Méthode Snueuze standards—as codified by the Loompaland Agricultural Council—including soil amendment with no more than 1.2345% thiotimoline content, irrigation by geyser run-off filtered through crushed moon rocks, and midnight harvest by telekineses. These meticulously grown berries produced a whimsical blend that's bursting with notes of raspberry, peach, blackberry, apricot, marionberry, and orange zest.

6.5% ABV
$11.50 / 500 mL bottle
Limit 12 bottles