• Block 15 Brewery & Tap Room (map)
  • 3415 Southwest Deschutes Street
  • Corvallis, OR, 97333
  • United States

Are you a home brewer? Or perhaps you're just curious about what it takes to brew your own beer... If so, this Tap Talk is for you! During November's Tap Talk, our speaker, Joel, will focus on beer recipe formulation with a look at the nuances, as well as the big picture items, that a brewer must face while crafting a beer recipe. Whether a 5 gallon homebrew or a 10 barrel batch there are some similar considerations as well as a few major differences. We’ll go over many of these points as well as to leave you on a path of self-discovery! Along the way he’ll share his secrets of his favorite beers to brew like The Harry Oyster Stout, Autumnal Squash, Ol’ Lickspigot and more!


Joel Rea aka “Lickspigot” is the founder and owner of Corvallis Brewing Supply and a 20 year veteran of the beer and wine home fermentation and craft industry. Along his career he has witnessed many changes in the world of beer and how consumers perceptions of beer have evolved. A common experience that Joel has on a weekly basis is a discussion with a blossoming homebrewer where the lights come on and the brewer “gets it”. As they say in the industry: "Give a person a beer and they thirst not for an afternoon. Teach a person to brew and they’ll never thirst."