Our first brewery was a 7bbl system located in our downtown Corvallis brewpub. It's still in use today for small batch brews, enabling our brewers to experiment with one-offs and variations in addition to brewing up many of our pub series beers.

Though the mash tun and brew kettle reside in the upstairs restaurant, most of the brewery is divided into two separate infrastructures woven throughout the pub's basement—one dedicated to our wild & sour program, and the other dedicated to brewing traditional ales and lagers. Each contains separate fermenters, kegs, and aging barrels.



Our pub brewhouse helped build Block 15 into what it is today. At its peak, this little powerhouse has cranked out as much as 1,200 barrels of craft beer per year.



Our brewpub's main fermentation room is situated directly under our restaurant. As you enjoy our tasty pub fare, a batch of Aboriginale or Ridgeback Red is likely bubbling away just feet beneath your seat, alongside barrels quietly maturing various strong ales.



The heart of our wild & sour program, our wild cellars nearly operate like a separate brewery, with rigorous procedures in place to prevent wild yeast and bacteria from escaping into the rest of the brewery. Winding underground all the way to the alley, our two wild cellars feature over 100 barrels, a cool ship, and packaging equipment.