• 6/7 - Where the Wild Ales Are


  • Barrel Rum Blend - Just so y’all know, the rums that are in the blend are:

    • Plantation 3 Star,

    • Lemon and Hart 151,

    • Myer’s Dark Jamaican,

    • Don Q Cristal,

    • Cruzan Black Strap

  • Where the Wild Ales Are - This is happening Friday.  Posters have gone up around the restaurant and you will probably start getting asked about this event.  If your guest is enjoying a sour beer, this is a great time to let them know that our Bi-annual celebration of wild beers is coming up.  We will be featuring 15 wild beers from around the world, with a portion of those being spontaneously fermented. Just a reminder, we will be focusing on 4oz pours and will not be offering tasters of the wild ales over the weekend.  


  • Brown Sugar - The ratio is one cup of sugar to one tablespoon of molasses.  When storing the sugar make sure to smell the container it is going in so the sugar doesn’t pick up the funk (i.e. onion, garlic, etc)

  • Oyster Dust - Please weigh out the oyster dust out at 4 oz.  

  • Container Labels - After containers come out of the dishwasher, be sure to remove the labels on them.  It gets all sticky if we don’t keep up on it.

  • Pot Rack - Pay attention to keep the weight evenly dispersed on the pot rack when putting pots away.


  • Cell Phones - As a reminder, it is company policy that you are not allowed to use your cell phone while on the clock.  You may use them while on break. They are to be put away while here, please utilize the cubbies in the back hall or some other location.  They do need to be out of sight.

Welcome Autumn and Elliot