• Graduation Weekend is this weekend!


  • Ketchup Bottles - Ketchup bottles should never be on the drying rack.  Once they run through the wash they need to go back on the silverware rolling table. 

  • Pot Rack - When putting pots away on the pot rack make sure that it is all evenly balanced.  Don’t just throw things up on an open hook.  If you need to shuffle some things around then do that.  Pots falling on heads is not fun.


  • Kale Salad - Asparagus season is over and we are switching over to grilled romano beans on the kale salad.  This starts Wednesday.

  • Chef’s Choice Board - The chef’s board will be changing over next week to our summer spotlight board.  This week will be a temporary board featuring Duck salami, marinated roma tomatoes, mushroom rillette, serrano ham, five herb pesto, and ale bread. Also starting Wednesday. 

  • Nopales Tamales and Blistered Beans - Both of these appetizers will hit the menu next week. The tamales are filled with Nopales cactus, while the masa includes pickled jalapeno, cotija and cilantro. The blistered beans are blanched then pan fried with salt, crushed pepper, garlic, bourbon and served with harissa.

  • Graduation Week - This week is graduation.  Be prepared for long busy days with lots of large parties.  Communication will be the key for success this week.  Be aware when cook times are going up and handle accordingly.  Good luck everybody.

  • Food Feedback - If there is something about the dish that you feel is not good (too salty, undercooked, etc) let a lead in the kitchen know immediately. 

  • Goodbye Jordan - Jordan has graduated and is moving away.  He will be missed.