• 6/7 - Where the Wild Ales Are


  • Water Bottles - The days are getting warmer, so we really need to be aware of water bottle levels on tables.  Please be sure that the bottles that are on the tables are filled and that we are removing the empties and not letting them sit there.  

  • Where the Wild Ales Are - This is happening next Friday.  Posters have gone up around the restaurant and you will probably start getting asked about this event.  If your guest is enjoying a sour beer, this is a great time to let them know that our Bi-annual celebration of wild beers is coming up.  We will be featuring 15 wild beers from around the world, with a portion of those being spontaneously fermented. Just a reminder, we will be focusing on 4oz pours and will not be offering tasters of the wild ales over the weekend.  


  • Slow time cook times - When we are in our slower times, it is still important to make sure that we are still hitting our target cook times.  Don’t hesitate to ask for help on the line even if there are only a few tickets.

  • Keep the basement clean - It has been brought to our attention that wrappers and cardboard is being left on the floor downstairs and that the brewers are having to clean up after us.  This is uncool. We are borrowing that space and need to make sure that we are keeping it as tidy as possible.


  • Summer Spotlight - We are starting up our Summer Spotlight series again this June and will be running it through the summer. We have partnered up with First Alternative Co-op and will be getting some recipe cards to put in the check presenters.  This month we will be working with Denison Farms. Denison Farms is located just outside of town off of Highway 20 going towards Albany.
    We will be featuring Gribiche New Potatoes, Roasted Quail with Denison veggies, and a Strawberry Elderflower Sorbet.
    The potatoes are roasted and will have a Gribiche sauce (think a mayo made with hard boiled egg yolk instead of raw), and a quick pickled Persian cucumber.
    The Roasted Quail will be stuffed with a Chicago style sausage, and served with a carrot confit and braised greens and a raspberry gastrique.
    The Sorbet is made with fresh strawberries and St Germain Elderflower liqueur and also served with fresh strawberries.
    We are also featuring the Strawberry Gin and Tonic.  We took fresh Denison Farms strawberries and infused them in Tanqueray Malacca Gin.  We are also using Q drinks tonic water and adding a bit of fresh cracked black pepper.
    Procedures will be available in next weeks newsletter.

  • 100% food credit - When reviewing new items, please think about the cost of the item and include your thoughts on how you perceive the overall value of the dish to be.  Do you feel like the cost of the item is inline with what you are getting?