• To Go - We will no longer be doing to go orders during brunch.  We feel that by the time the guest gets the food home, it will no longer be at the standard that we strive for.  It also puts an undue strain on the kitchen and that effects the guests dining in house adversely. It is super important to us that we are getting the best possible product out to our guests and that is why we are choosing to no longer offer to go during brunch.  

  • Donuts - If we need to bring out donuts to a table to help ease longer cook times please make sure to provide one donut per person at the table.


  • Covering Containers - Everything gets covered with either a lid or plastic wrap.  There are containers being left in the reach in and on the line without covers and product is drying out.  

  • Put it back - Please put things back where you got them from.  If you take something off a shelf, put it back on that same shelf when you are done with it.  

  • Pimento and Bone Marrow - The pimento cheese and marrownaise need to be covered with plastic wrap.  


  • Music stations - The music stations are getting too cluttered and muddied up.  There will be a purge. I have a sheet hanging up to list stations to be kept.  

  • New menu items - Spring pea hummus will be replacing the brussel sprouts and the crab salad will be replacing the potted shrimp.  More information coming soon