• 5/3-5/5 - Mom and family weekend

  • 5/12 - Mother’s Day


  • Sauces - Let’s be conscientious of how much sauce a person needs.  If they have two bites of waffle left and want more syrup they probably don’t need a full pour of maple.  


  • Waste - Please make sure waste items are being logged immediately.  Also make sure we are logging all waste, i.e. wasted fries need to be logged before tossing.

  • Procedures - Be sure to adhere to the procedures as they are written.  There has been a lot of effort put into these recipes and intent into how the final product comes out.  If you are having troubles with a particular dish please talk to a manager and they will be able to further assist you.

  • Walk in - There is to be no food products on the floor besides the buckets.  If you are out of room please grab a milk crate and put it on that.


  • Cardboard - We are getting another cardboard dumpster.  Please utilize the one closest to the street first and when that is full move to the next one.