• 4/2-4/7 - Oyster Week @ all Locations – Please read the internal newsletter for details on all events

  • 4/6 - Champagne and Oyster Brunch

  • 4/10 - Monthly Tasting Series with Coldfire Brewery

  • 4/13 & 4/14 - Corvallis Half Marathon


  • Oyster Week!! - Many exciting things happening this week! Please take a look at the menu and study up on the Oyster Week specials. Some of these items we may put counts in for during the week to ensure we have plenty for the weekend. These items will be replacing our “seasonal selections” items for the week. The pork belly, reuben, sauerbraten and honey cake will all return next week. We will also be having a champagne and oyster brunch on Sunday. We will have a couple of Nicks shucking oysters in the FOH with a special offering of accompaniments as well as a steak tartare with smoked oysters for that event. OYSTER WEEK SPECIALS DO NOT APPLY TO 100% DISCOUNT, SORRY.

  • Menu Changes - We will be changing the carpaccio on our meat board this week to a steak tartare. This is the same beef tenderloin we used for the car paccio but prepared differently. We will be grinding it in house and mixing it with the same salt and olive oil that was on the carpaccio with the addition of capers and shallots.
    We will also be changing the roasted beets with this item to smoked pickled beets.
    We will also be changing the pickled beets on the pickle board when they run out to the smoked pickled ones.
    Later this week when we run out of truffle butter for late night sirloins, we will be switching to a pesto compound butter.

  • CASA Fundraiser - We will be participating again this year in the CASA blue drink, child abuse awareness month fundraiser. $1 from every blue drink will be donated to CASA, our blue drink, called “what is best in life” will be Magellan Iris gin, rosemary simple syrup and soda water. “CASA-voices for children provides an abused and neglected child within the Child Welfare System a highly trained volunteer to advocate for their best interest”

  • Add On vs Special Items - FOH - we have fallen back into the habit of special iteming something rather than finding the correct add or mod button. Please make sure that you are ringing these items in correctly so we may charge as needed. If there are items you have having trouble finding the button for or don’t think there is one, just ask. We have made a local mush add on button. Last week we had a number of special items rang in for this add on but the pricing wasn’t right. For the local mushrooms the add on of 1 cup will be $5. The button us under burger adds, brunch adds and entrée adds as ”LCL Mushroom 1Cup”. Please make sure to use the correct button so that we are charging the correct price for it.
    BOH – please keep an eye on modifications on tickets. If the mod is in red it has been correctly wrung in and being charged for correctly. Please help with this by letting servers know or even asking if you aren’t sure if something has been rung in right. If you look at the ticket below, you’ll see regular mods and adds in red and a separate item of mushrooms in black. The black indicates that the item was not rung in properly and they did not use the proper button. Thanks everyone for your help with this!