• 5/3-5/5 - Mom and family weekend

  • 5/12 - Mother’s Day


  • Burger Feedback - If there is any feedback regarding the burgers, let the kitchen know immediately so they can track which batch the burger came from.

  • Call out the corners - We are starting to see some close calls coming out of the hallway.  Be sure to use your outside voice when coming out of the hall and through the curtains. Also, slow down.  You are merging into traffic. And remember that the guest has the right of way.


  • Waste log - Please make sure waste items are being logged immediately.  


  • New staff - We have a new FOH staff.  Welcome to Joshua.

  • Menu Changes - Baked Cavatappi will be going on the menu.  It has a garlic morney, Stallbush sweet peas, herbed bread crumbs, truffle oil and will be served with an organic greens salad.

  • Easter Brunch - Way to rock everything out.  It was long. It was brutal. The masses were fed and they were happy.