*Did you sign the last read and sign? If not, please expect a brief chat with a manager.*


  • 4/21 - Easter

  • 5/3-5/4 - Mom and family weekend

  • 5/12 - Mother’s Day


  • Rosemary Vinaigrette - The Rosemary Vinaigrette will henceforth be known as Herb Vinaigrette, and the old Herb Vinaigrette will no longer be available.  So anytime you ring in or see a ticket that says Herb Vinaigrette, it will be talking about the Rosemary Vinaigrette.

  • Menu Changes -

    • Donut changing to Rhubarb Framboise

    • Stuffed French Toast will be switching to a strawberry rhubarb

    • Next week Baked Cavatappi will be going on the menu

    • 86 Saurbraten


  • Double Check Orders!!!! - We are seeing in increase in food coming back to the kitchen that is getting entered incorrectly.  Please be sure to repeat orders back to the guests and take the time to double check what you are entering into the computer.


  • Transfers - Please make sure transferred items are being logged immediately.  

  • Reach-in Organization - The reach in needs to be kept better organized.  Things are getting thrown in there in the wrong places which is making life on the line more difficult.  Please take the time to put items back where they belong. If you have any questions check with a lead.