• 4/10 - Monthly Tasting Series with Coldfire Brewery

  • 4/13 & 4/14 - Corvallis Half Marathon


  • 86 Oyster Week!!!! - Thanks everyone for a very successful inaugural oyster week! We sold 655 shucked oysters last week with only one two mild injuries. Thanks everyone, lets do it again next year!

  • Menu Changes - Return of the souffle! We will be bringing back out twice baked souffle made with local chevre and topped with marinated local mushrooms. This item will be vegetarian but not gluten free and replacing out channa masala on the dinner menu and the menemen on the brunch menu.
    The small changes to the HH pickle plate and LN tamale are now printed on the menu.
    We will also be switching out our butternut squash salad for a spring kale salad. This salad will have pesto vinaigrette, a soft poached sous vide egg, asparagus and herbed bread crumbs.
    The blood orange cake will be leaving the menu and replaced with a kimchi deviled goose egg. This will be ΒΌ of a Winn farms deviled goose egg with Completely Crocked kimchi.
    We will be switching the elk ragout for lamb Bolognese this week as well.
    We are hoping to make these switches on Thursday the 11th.