• 3/13 - TBD Monthly Beer Tasting

  • 4/2-4/7 - Oyster Week @ all Locations

  • 4/14 & 4/15 - Corvallis ½ Marathon


  • Communication Awareness Week - We would like everyone to work on better communication throughout this week.

Highlights include:

  • Stating someone’s name when you are talking to them, especially from across the kitchen. “Dana, can you get me more buns from the walk in?”

  • Responding with call backs or “heard.” This helps people be sure you are aware of what is needed on your station and if they don’t hear a call back, they can repeat the items for you.                    

  • If no name is stated it should be understood that the person speaking is speaking to the group and everyone should respond with confirmation that they have heard.

  • Soaking Beer Cheese Ramekins - The new beer cheese ramekins are being put away not fully cleaned. To help make it easier to clean them we will start soaking them. The dish area will have a third soaking container just for them. Please make sure that we are putting them in there when plates are returned to the kitchen. Lets all make sure to take a look when putting clean dishes away as well and make sure to return any to the dish pit that still have food stuck to them.

  • Burger Mods and Beef Specifics - There has been some confusion on burger mods recently so here are the specs so we are all on the same page

Plain – no lettuce or onion – yes cheese

Dry – no marrownaise – yes cheese, lettuce and onion

Plain/dry – no lettuce, onion or marrownaise – yes cheese

Add bacon – bacon is not to be cut when put on burgers

The beef we use for our burgers is Oregon raised and processed by Folton Beef based out of Portland, Oregon. It is a special blend of brisket, short rib, and chuck. The beef is grass fed and grain finished. Hopefully this information is useful to our front of house team and they can pass along some of this knowledge to our customers.

  • Snacking - Please refrain from snacking on food in the kitchen. Food that is ready to eat and easily within reach is not for snacking. Items such as crackers, candied nuts, croutons, and corn nuts are checked regularly by prep for freshness and are counted every day to build to par. If you are truly concerned about the freshness of an item please ask a lead or manager to check or when the last time an item was checked.

  • Waste Logs - This item was on the read and sign two weeks ago and still needs our attention. Please work as a team and make sure that items are being written on the waste log when they are, misfired, over cooked, dropped, not up to quality standards, etc. There has been good communication about these items during service lately but the follow through of them actually making it on to the waste log needs more work. If necessary, keep track of these items in your notebook (need a new one? Let us know!) and fill in the waste log during a less busy time. It is crucial to our food cost and waste management that we are writing these items down, every time.


  • Reach In Stocking - With how busy we have been lately, most of the week the reach in is very full. Please make sure when stocking or looking for items that 9th and 6th pans are not sitting on the edges of the racks where they can fall over easily. This is tricky due to how crowded it can be but has led to loss of spilled product recently. Please also return items to their designated area of the reach in if you move them to get behind them.

  • Transferring Bad Bread - When bakery items need to be wasted for poor quality when they are received, they need to be transferred back to the taproom not waste logged. This would apply to under-cooked biscuits, overly dark pretzels or bread, basically any quality issue that could be a fault of the bakery not our cooking or handling of the item. If you have any questions about if an item should be transferred or waste logged please check with a lead or manager.

  • Return of Micros!! - With the return of micros we just wanted to touch base on a few things. For new there is no need for micros on expo. Please do not leave scissors on the micro trays, wash them after every use.

  • Mussel Care - Dana will be making a sheet with information on mussel care this week. This will help us all keep mussels in the freshest possible state and help reduce loss on this product. Please keep an eye out for this information coming to the kitchen soon.