• 4/1-4/7 Oyster Week @ all Locations – Please read the internal newsletter for details on all events!

  • 4/13 & 4/14 - Corvallis Half Marathon


  • Menu Changes - We will be making our last batch of elk ragout this week and moving on to our lamb bolognese next week. The bolognese is made with Anderson Valley lamb and served with Classic Foods radiatori pasta.


  • Washing Portioning Utensils - Please make sure to remove all measuring utensils after a project or at the end of service.

    Items commonly found with dirty utensils in them have been, chicken breading powder, croutons, hushpuppies, currant gelle, and candied pepitas.

    It is important that we are not leaving measuring cup, scoops and utensils in food items overnight.

  • Semi Annual Towel Reminder - This is your semi annual reminder to ration your kitchen towels! We always get the same amount of towels every week and have reach a point again where they are not lasting until the next delivery, oh no!

    Please start your shift with one towel. Rinse mildly soiled towels and use for sanitizer towels before using new ones. Make sure that you are passing on your towels at the end of your shift if they are still usable. Use mildly dirty towels for initial cleaning of deep cleaning projects. There are many other ways to help keep our towel rations in check, if you need more tips feel free to ask a lead or manager. Thanks for you helping ensuring that we have enough towels to make it until our next delivery.

  • Marrownaise - In the hopes of making our almost perfect burger even better we will be changing how we place marrownaise on buns this week. To help ensure proper portioning we will be keeping it in a 4”9th pan and spreading it on the bun. Please keep an eye out for these changes in procedure and check in with a manager if you have any questions.