Due to Mischa getting the plague last week this read and sign for March 12th was not printed and hung. We have added just a few new items for the week of March 19th but kept the items from the previous week. Thanks for your patience and understanding.


  • 3/20 - Flanders Day  

  • 4/2-4/7 - Oyster Week @ all Locations

  • 4/13 & 4/14 - Corvallis Half Marathon


  • Glass Recycling - Just to clarify a few things on glass recycling. We can only put glass bottles (liquor, beer, soda, hot sauce) and glass jars (pickles, capers) without lids into our glass recycling. That means, no ceramic or broken glassware. We will start having a broken glass and ceramic bucket moving forward. That bucket will get broken glassware and ceramics and once filled it will get placed in the trash dumpster.

  • Internal Newsletter - Please make sure you are also reading our internal newsletters as well as our read and signs. There is information that is relevant to all of the Block restaurants as well and fun to know information about comping releases and events at Block establishments other than Caves.

  • Waste logging foods - Here are a few helpful guidelines for waste logging food. If we all pitch in on the consistency of this it will really help tracking food waste costs in the long run.

  • Prepped food items *roasted butternut squash, blanched sprouts, miss fired or extra fries, beer cheese and other sauces– These items should be waste logged by volume

  • Raw food items *burger onion, chives or other herbs, salad greens – These items should be wasted by weight

As always there will be exceptions to these guidelines and if you are unsure, please feel free to ask a manager about what unit is preferred.

  • Updated portioning - With the implementation of our new inventory soft wear we are continually making small changes to our portions and costing.  Please keep an eye out for these changes and any inconsistencies you may come across.

  • New team member – Caves is happy to welcome Nathan Burns to our BOH team. Welcome Nathan!

  • BOH peeps - Please keep double checking new recipes and procedures. With so many changes at once it is important for us to be vigilant about staying up to date in this information. This week we will be changing how we portion and heat the rice for tagine, as well as the spinach for salad portions and sprouts portions. Please be sure you are weighing portions out every time if that is what the procedure calls for.

  • FOH peeps If you see a plate of food go out, say a salad or sprouts and it looks very different in size from the last order feel free to let the expo or lead know and we will remedy this for your customer.

  • Prep peeps – Please keep track of yields on new versions of recopies. Feel free write it down on the actual recipe itself for the first few times to make sure it is consistently coming out the same.


  • Rotation awareness week - There has been an on-going issue with keeping an eye on proper rotation of backs to the line. We would like everyone to take special care this week when stocking the line. Please always double check the date of the back you have and make sure you are using the use first. Especially if there are multiple backs available. This will help insure we are serving our customers the freshest food possible and not unnecessarily wasting items.