• 2/13 - Monthly Tasting With Belching Beaver

  • 2/18 - Bourbon Dinner

  • 2/24 - Bourbon Ice Cream Social

  • 4/2-4/7 - Oyster Week @ all Locations

  • 4/14 & 4/15 - Corvallis ½ Marathon


  • Brunch To Go Orders - Just to clarify, we only do to go orders for brunch if they are in house when they order. This has been the policy for some time now. When explaining this to customers please let them know that this is to uphold the highest quality of our food and to make it easier on the kitchen to continue serving in house guests. Brunch to go’s take a lot of boxes and if the customer is not already in house those boxes take a lot of much needed space under the heat lamp. If you have any questions or need better verbiage to help explain this to customers please check in with Nick K.

  • 86 Beet Pesto - We will be done with beet pesto this week and launching our new smoked beet Ruben. Keep and eye out for this new menu item and we will share procedures with next weeks read and sign so everyone can be familiar with this new item.

  • Barrel Event - Great barrel everyone! Thanks all for your hard work making it happen and run smoothly.


  • Looking For Last Backs - It is your responsibility to keep an eye on backs that are low on the line. Too often lately we have gotten low on an item without checking for another back and without putting a count in if needed for that item. If you are on the line and notice a back is low, take the time to look below or in the reach in for another. If there is none, immediately get a count in for that item. This is a very important part of our jobs so we will be giving write ups in the future if this continues to happen.

  • Last Back Awareness Week - To help with the previous item this week will be Last Back Awareness Week. When you back out an item always look for a red last back on the line or the reach in. If there is one please transfer it to the new last or make a new last label if needed. When working the line always double check if you see a back with a last label, is it really the last? Was it possibly improperly rotated? Do you need to put a count in for that item? These are all things everyone working the line should be keeping an eye on every day.

  • Prep Lists - Please do not erase an item off the prep list unless it is actually complete. When it is getting worked on draw a line through it and erase once it is done. If you are unable to complete a prep list please leave that information on the prep board.

  • Lids On Buckets - We keep lids on our empty buckets at all times to help keep them clean inside. If you happen to see that the buckets under the wood table don’t have a lid, help out and put one on please. This also applies to the buckets under expo that hold ramekins and such. It is understandable that during busy time such as brunch these lids will be removed for easy access but please return them once that part of service is done. This helps ensure that the items stored in those buckets are free from spills and debris.

  • Waffle Batter - From now on when we 86 brunch on Sunday we will be saving some waffle batter to make late night waffles. Please make sure that we keep this in the walk in so that tiny waffles can be made later in the week.

  • Sunday Brunch Freezing - There is a procedure for Sunday brunch freezing next to the daily cleaning project list. Please look this over if you are responsible for this project. There are a number of things that keep getting missed including, raw breakfast sausage on the meat shelf and leaving some portions out for late night, FIFO’s of anglaise in the FIFO bin, buckets of gravy, and breaded chicken in the freezer. Please also remember fridge stacking order applies to freezers as well. Raw meat on the bottom.