• 3/13 - TBD Monthly Beer Tasting

  • 4/2-7 - Oyster Week @ all Locations

  • 4/14 & 4/15 - Corvallis ½ Marathon


  • New Cocktail - We’ll be launching our new whiskey sour with cherry liquor foam. This is a new exciting technique that uses the same tool we use for whip cream to make an egg white foam to top the cocktail! YUM!

  • Mama Lil’s Pickle Add - There is a button under entrée adds for Mama Lil’s pickles. The button says “Bnb Pix” and is $2. Please make sure you are using this button when adding sides of these pickles. This helps us track sales and make sure items are being sold at the correct prices. Thanks!

  • Thanks Everyone - We have had a nice and busy few weeks. Thanks everyone for your hard work in making these times smooth and keeping up to the high standards we set here at Caves.


  • Fry Slamming Good Times - Just a couple of notes for when we are cutting fries.

    We have noticed a couple of times over the last few weeks that the fry slammer has been left dirty. ☹ Please make sure you are cleaning all the parts every time it is used. Other than being unsanitary, lack of cleaning will degrade the parts. If you are unsure how to take all the parts off for cleaning, ask a buddy.

    When we are filling fry buckets with raw fries it is important that we fill them to right below where the handle is attached and then fill to the top with water. This helps prevent the browning of the raw potatoes and the subsequent waste of those.

  • Checking Prep Items - When you are checking prepped items please make sure that we are really checking them. Other than just using your eyes, get in there! Taste it, touch it. Obviously, you don’t have to taste raw things or things you are allergic to. Please just keep a closer eye on this. We have all let the ball drop on this over the last few months. It may feel like we don’t have time to spare for these things be we always do.