• 2/24 - Bourbon Ice Cream Social

  • 4/2-4/7 - Oyster Week @ all Locations

  • 4/14 & 4/15 - Corvallis Half Marathon


  • Menu Changes - We will have a new burnt ends pork belly and blood orange salad with mole dressing replacing the chicken and rice salad.  

    We are also bringing back our chicken tagine entrée to replace the cassoulet. There will be small changes in the sauce to help with consistency but the flavor and plating will remain the same.

    After all the feedback (thanks!) last week on the beet sandwich, we will be temporarily taking it off the menu to let our house made kraut get to the desired sourness.

  • Waste Logging - Please make sure that if an item is miss fired or has a mistake that we are writing these items on the waste log BEFORE we start snacking on them. Every time. It is very crucial to our food costing and inventory that we are tracking these things properly.

  • Ice Cream Social - We will be having our second annual bourbon month ice cream social this Sunday! YAY! This year we will be offering 3 ice cream specials with unique bourbon pairings.  We will have, nebula stout ice cream malted milk shakes $6.50 , popcorn ice cream sundae, made with wild turkey barrel aged stout and popcorn ice cream, and a caramel corn topping $6, lastly we will have a Manhattan ice cream sandwich. This will be made with soft gingersnap cookies brushed with vermouth and bitters and filled with an Amarina cherry syrup and orange zest ice cream $7.50. Please help spread the word about this even through out the week. If a customer or friend loves our ice cream or bourbon, perhaps let them know about the event. Thanks for spreading the word!

  • Food Feedback Forms - Thanks everyone for filling out the customer food feedback form in the kitchen. We ask that you continue to do this on a regular basis but first, some pointers.

    If you go to write something and see that it has already been noted, please still write it down. For us in the kitchen, seeing these repeat notes helps up see a pattern and know that things are just not one off comments.

    If feedback requires immediate follow up please let a kitchen lead or manager know right away. If there is a problem with the food that needs to be addressed that form is not the place for it. Please ask kitchen managers or FOH managers if you have more questions on this subject.

  • New Hire - Welcome to the Caves team our new dish washer Casey Gold


  • Setting Up For Success - We have talked the last few weeks about looking for last backs on the line. As a continuation of this conversation we would like everyone’s help in setting our line up for success.

When you are leaving the line, for a break, to step away and work prep, or any other reasons, please take a few minutes to make sure the line is stocked. Check over your station and ask fellow workers if there is anything you can grab from the reach in or walk in for them. If you only have a handful of orders of an item, please get more! This will help assure that your team isn’t in a bind while you step away or clock off. With everyone’s help we can make our service run even smoother. Please do this during all line shifts, brunch included.

  • Broken Equipment - If you see a piece of equipment is broken, please take it out of service ASAP! Let a lead or manger know so they can order it or put it into the log book to be addressed soon.