• 2/13 - Monthly Tasting With Belching Beaver

  • 2/18 - Bourbon Dinner

  • 2/24 - Bourbon Ice Cream Social

  • 4/2-7 - Oyster Week @ all Locations

  • 4/14 & 4/15 - Corvallis ½ Marathon


  • Menu Changes - We will be really starting the smoked beet reuben this week! We will be making a few small changes to the late night and happy hour menu this week as well. We have taken the beet pesto off of the H.H. menu and added fried brussel sprouts. The late-night menu will have a new flatbread as well - locally foraged winter chanterelles and hedgehog mushrooms, Willamette Valley gouda, and organic purple kale with lemon essence. We are adding a new dessert to the seasonal selection menu, a blood orange treacle cake with blood orange curd. We will have a new burnt ends pork belly and blood orange salad replacing the chicken and rice salad next week as well as the anticipated return of the chicken tagine! WOOO!

  • Waste Logging - During service please help keep better track of miss fired and other wasted items. Occasionally during service, we will have miss fires or items that have sat too long in the window and died. While we are busy it is important to remember to waste these items. We all have the best intentions of doing it later and can forget. Please ask someone who is not on the line and may have a minute to spare to take the time to write these things down as they happen. Servers, someone prepping, or expo are all good people to ask for a hand in this.  

  • New Mats - We have new kitchen mats! Please make sure at the end of the night to put these mats on the mop bucket or mop sink to dry. They don’t dry well while laying on the floor. If you come in to open and the mats are sitting to dry, please put them down where they go. If they are just piled around the kitchen they become a tripping hazard. Safety First!


  • Ketchup and Mustard Lids - When refilling and consolidating these bottles please also keep and eye on the lids. They can get crusty and gross and need to be switched out regularly. There is a cup of lid on the clean dish rack in the kitchen so there should always be more if needed.


  • New Recipe Formats - We are using a new inventory software called Market Man. You will see new versions of recipes being printed that are in a different format than you are used to. Please, double check these recipes even if you have done the recipe previously. The recipes now have different volume measurements, fluid and volume measurements. Double check that you are using the right measurements for these updated recipes.

The following items were on last weeks read and sign and still continued to be an issue. Please take the time to re-read and continue to work on them this week. Looking over your station when you start your shift and looking for backs early will help you be more aware of what you have and don’t as service progresses.

  • Looking For Last Backs - It is your responsibility to keep an eye on backs that are low on the line. Too often lately we have gotten low on an item without checking for another back and without putting a count in if needed for that item. If you are on the line and notice a back is low, take the time to look below or in the reach in for another. If there is none, immediately get a count in for that item. This is a very important part of our jobs so we will be giving write ups in the future if this continues to happen.

  • Last Back Awareness Week - To help with the previous item this week will be Last Back Awareness Week. When you back out an item always look for a red last back on the line or the reach in. If there is one please transfer it to the new last or make a new last label if needed. When working the line always double check if you see a back with a last label, is it really the last? Was it possibly improperly rotated? Do you need to put a count in for that item? These are all things everyone working the line should be keeping an eye on every day.