• Wed 1/9 - Monthly Tasting Series with Modern Times Brewery

  • Sun 2/3 - Super Bowl Sunday. Closed after brunch.

  • Fri 2/1 - Caves Barrel Event

  • Sat 2/2 - Bottle Release Brunch

  • Mon 2/18 - Bourbon Dinner

  • 4/13 & 4/14 - Corvallis Half Marathon


  • New Menu Items!! – We will be rolling out a few new menu items at the end of this week. Yay! The chef board will be switching, as well as the cheese plate. We will also be replacing the fried chicken livers with a Chicken and brown rice salad. Details for those items are as follows:

    • Brown Rice Toss with Ginger Chicken: Ginger and shoyu sous vide Winn Farms chicken breast char grilled, brown rice salad, (cilantro, chive, basil, Gathering Together Farm peacock kale, and red cabbage), sweet chili vinaigrette , house tomato Thai-chili preserves, house sesame cracker.

    • Chef Board: Seared tenderloin carpaccio finished with Arbequina (type of olive) oil, sel gris, and lemon essence. Gathering Together Farm roasted beets, bread crisps, chanterelle and shiitake rillette, red onion jam,

    • Cheese Board: Rogue smoked bleu cheesecake, blackcurrant gelee, bourbon candied Freddy Guys hazelnuts with dried cherries, spiced bittersweet chocolate, water crackers.

*Employees are eligible to receive  a 100% discount on an unmodified, new food menu item during the first week of the menu item's release as long as critical feedback is given on the item.

  • Damage Control –When exercising damage control gather as much info as you can about the issue, access the situation, and approach a manager with a solution.  If you need to re-fire or fire a new item, please let the kitchen know that before filling them in on the whole story. That way the kitchen is getting the food started as soon as possible to help insure the customer has a good experience at Caves.

  • Signing the R&S – Starting this week we will begin to start auditing read and signs. That means if you have not signed past ones you will be given a verbal warning followed by a write up on your next time failing to sign. Past read and signs are posted in the back hall so if you have been on vacation, work primarily at another Block business or just plain forgot, please go through them and review them and sign all that you have not previously.


  • Sani Water - Use a black bucket for sanitizer water. It is less noticeable than the red bucket to guests.

  • Signing off Lists - If you are a bartender signing off the kitchen closing list, please make sure to physically check the items on the list, not just see that the kitchen closer has checked them off.