• 2/1 - Barrel Event (soft open @ 3:30pm)

  • 2/2 - Bourbon Month Bottle Brunch

  • 2/3 - Super Bowl Sunday (closed after brunch)

  • 2/18 - Bourbon Dinner

  • 2/24 - Bourbon Ice Cream Social

  • 4/2-4/7 - Oyster Week @ all locations

  • 4/13-4/14 - Corvallis Half Marathon


  • Menu Changes - Moving forward we will be sharing line procedures for new menu items with everyone through the read and sign. This way everyone can be on the same page with proper portions and plating. YAY! On that note, here is the procedure breakdown for the Sauerbraten!

  • 86’d Items - When an item is being 86’d please make sure that information has been confirmed with a kitchen manager or lead. Sometimes things are getting 86’d and we haven’t done all the checks we can to assure that the item really isn’t available.

  • Barrel Event - We will be doing a soft open at 3:30 this coming Friday for our Barrel event.


  • Gift Cards - Please include them in your drops at the end of your shift.


  • Eggs and hushpuppies - Eggs and hushpuppies (which contain raw egg) need to be stored on the bottom shelf of of the reach in and line fridges. Please keep this in mind, even when just moving items around to find something else, they must return to the bottom shelf.

  • Zested Citrus - Always look for zested oranges to use when making juice on Fridays and Saturdays. Likewise, zested lemons work perfectly fine in our amazing little lemon juice spritzer. Please help us utilize these products so we can continue to minimize food waste as a company.

  • Steam Table - When putting the steam table away at the end of the night, please refrain from putting it on the cart. The steam table we have right now is just a little too big for the car and the temp knob is starting to get bent from being placed there. There should always be room on the bottom of the small speed rack under the juicer for it. If there is not feel free to leave it out on the counter and prep or openers can move it as needed.

  • Basil - We are transferring basil from Block for our chicken and rice salad. Please only transfer as much as we need cut and return any excess. Extra basil has been going bad quickly in the walk in and would like to keep from wasting this.

  • Oil Bins -  When the oil bin is nearly full (1 to 1 ½ inches from the top), don’t dump anymore oil in. There is an overflow drain in them and they will spill out into the alley. Especially as it gets warmer this is important as the oil expands and can spill out. If the bins need to be emptied please check in with a lead or manager and they will show you the proper way to call and ask for the bins to be emptied.

  • Tasting and Consistency of Hot Held Items - As discussed at the meeting last week, all items held in the hot well need to be double checked by someone else once heated. Many of these items get condensed in the hot well and need to be thinned out. Please make sure this is happening every day. Usually there are prep people around who are aware of what these items should be like when they are freshly made so please reach out to them for help.

  • Sick calls - Please follow the protocol for calling in sick as written in the handbook. This does not include calling you manager on their personal phone to let them know what is going on. If they need to be notified of the situation they will be reached by another manager or lead who is working that shift. The following is copied from the handbook:

    “If you are unable to make a shift, it is your responsibility to get that shift covered. Schedule adjustments must be approved by a manager at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled shift. If the shift is not approved, then it still ‘belongs’ to you and remains your responsibility. If it is an emergency please contact a manager to help find a replacement. If you are sick or have another emergency within 24 hours of your scheduled shift, you must call the restaurant and talk to a manager as soon as possible so that they are aware of the situation, know that you may be unable to make your shift, and can help find a replacement. In certain cases, Caves reserves the right to require a doctor’s note for verification if you miss a shift due to illness, in accordance with applicable state and federal laws. We take no show/no calls very seriously: Disciplinary action may be up to or include termination.”