• 2/1 - Barrel Event (soft open @ 3:30pm)

  • 2/2 - Bourbon Month Bottle Brunch

  • 2/3 - Super Bowl Sunday (closed after brunch)

  • 2/18 - Bourbon Dinner

  • 2/24 - Bourbon Ice Cream Social

  • 4/2-4/7 - Oyster Week @ all locations

  • 4/13-4/14 - Corvallis Half Marathon


  • Menu Changes -

    • We will be up-ing the number of crostini with the carpaccio plate to 8 pieces

    • Sauerbraten will begin on Thursday and replace duck balls

      • “Sauerbraten is a German pot roast that can be prepared with a variety of meats—most often beef, but also from venison, lamb, mutton, pork, and traditionally, horse. Before cooking, the cut of meat is marinated for several days in a mixture of vinegar or wine, water, herbs, spices, and seasonings.”

      • Ours is made by brining beef brisket in a dark sour ale and then braising. It is served with beet ‘kraut and our take on a warm German potato salad.

    • Keep an eye out for some changes to the late-night menu this week as well, including the addition of a mini chicken and waffle.

  • Weekend Dinner Time Changes - Starting this Saturday, we will be adjusting our weekend dinner times. This is in hopes of alleviating some of the pressure on the line during the 2 o’clock hour when they are changing from brunch to dinner.

    • The new hours will be: brunch from 9am–2pm, followed by happy hour from the usual 2pm-5:30pm. We will not start offering our full dinner menu until 3pm. Hopefully this is a smooth transition and will take some of the pressure off the line during the time they are occasionally serving from three different menus.

  • Customer Feedback - As most of you know we have a customer feedback form hanging in the Kitchen. We review this at our weekly manager meeting but it is only useful if we all help fill it out! We can all help collect more feedback in a few ways. Servers, challenge yourself to write one thing down on that list a week. I’m sure you hear feedback from costumers all the time but remember the kitchen doesn’t get that unless you help pass it on. Kitchen peeps, you can help by prompting the servers for feedback. Such as, “did the customer have anything to say about (menu item)?” “I see they cleared their plate/didn’t eat a lot, did they give any feedback?” With our help with specific question prompts the servers can help us with more detailed feedback.

  • Kitchen Cleaning Tasks - Front of house peeps have been helping us make sure this list is getting done by asking people checking out with them if they have finished their project, so thanks friends! If you are behind the bar and someone from the kitchen asks to check out with you please continue to ask if they have done their cleaning project. Kitchen buds, DO THE TASKS!! We all have been dropping the ball on this left and right. Please keep in mind that these need to be done every day. If you are unsure if you have a project, check the list and clarify with a lead or manager. We will be doing warnings this week and writing people up next if these are not done.

  • Welcome - We have a new kitchen team member, Harley Monroe! Hi Harley! Thanks for joining the team!