• 1/19 – Philomath Montessori dine out, all day

  • 2/3 - Super Bowl Sunday. Closed after brunch.

  • 2/1 - Caves Barrel Event

  • 2/2 - Bottle Release Brunch

  • 2/18 - Bourbon Dinner

  • 2/24 – Bourbon Ice Cream Social


  • New Menu Item Feedback - When giving feedback on new menu items please make sure that you are only coming to the kitchen with things that are of immediate concern, such as, raw or under cooked items. The kitchen managers are reading the feedback sheets regularly and will determine if an item needs to be changed in prep or on the line based off of those and customer feedback. Don’t forget about the customer feedback sheet hanging in the kitchen!

  • Trash Dumpsters - When taking out garbage bags please make sure we are utilizing the Caves dumpster and not just the Block one. The Block one has been over flowing lately while ours has been near empty.

  • Safety Calls - When moving about the kitchen please be sure you are using your safety calls! “BEHIND!” “OPEN OVEN!” “HOT PAN!” “BEHIND WITH KNIFE” It is also helpful if you are moving a hot item through the kitchen to say where you are going, such as, “hot to the prep sink”, “hot to the walk in”, this way people are aware if they are potentially in your way.  Please also always have an ear out for these type of calls and move accordingly.


  • Sick Customers - If you receive a phone call from a customer who is saying they have become ill at our business, please follow the “how to respond to a call about getting sick in our restaurant” sheet that is hanging in the back hall and office. They should be encouraged to contact the local health department and only told they will be contacted back by someone from our management if that insist upon it.


  • Boxes - We do not need to be saving produce boxes, including mushroom boxes unless you plan to personally condense an item from the walk-in into it. They are starting to build up in the corners of our back rooms and we don’t have much room to spare.

  • Meeting time! - We will be having a short all kitchen meeting next week. The meeting will be on the 23rd at 9AM. We would like to just take a little bit to connect on a few things and get everyone on the same page with expectations.