• 12/15 - Santa’s Folly Brunch AM and Bingo PM

  • 12/17 - Benton County Reserve Sheriff Dinner @ Caves

  • 12/15 - RSVP deadline for company party, check your HotSchedules messages. 

  • 1/7 - Block 15 Company Party!

  • 2/1 - Bourbon Month!

  • 2/3 - Superbowl Sunday Closing early after brunch

  • 2/19 – Bourbon Dinner 


  • Checklists – When filling out check lists please take the time to look over and initial every item, not a large line through all times. This lets us know that you have actually checked every item. 

  • Transfer Logs – When putting items on a transfer log you must put it on the log in the kitchen from where items are being taken. If you take items from Block, write it on their log in the prep kitchen. If items leave Caves they get written on the log in our kitchen under the dry erase board. This ensures that items are always tracked and makes it much easier for Dana and Haakan when entering their inventories. 


  • Oil Dumpster Fun Times - There seems to be some confusion on what oil bin in the alley is for what. The large dumpster with a flip top lid is for strained fryer oil only. The smaller ones where the lid screws in are for strained non-fryer oils and fats. This can be from the smoker, grill catch trap or other skimmed or drained fats (bacon, butter, chicken, etc.).