Caves Read and Sign - Jan. 16, 2019


  • 1/19 – Philomath Montessori dine out, all day

  • 2/3 - Super Bowl Sunday. Closed after brunch.

  • 2/1 - Caves Barrel Event

  • 2/2 - Bottle Release Brunch

  • 2/18 - Bourbon Dinner

  • 2/24 – Bourbon Ice Cream Social


  • New Menu Item Feedback - When giving feedback on new menu items please make sure that you are only coming to the kitchen with things that are of immediate concern, such as, raw or under cooked items. The kitchen managers are reading the feedback sheets regularly and will determine if an item needs to be changed in prep or on the line based off of those and customer feedback. Don’t forget about the customer feedback sheet hanging in the kitchen!

  • Trash Dumpsters - When taking out garbage bags please make sure we are utilizing the Caves dumpster and not just the Block one. The Block one has been over flowing lately while ours has been near empty.

  • Safety Calls - When moving about the kitchen please be sure you are using your safety calls! “BEHIND!” “OPEN OVEN!” “HOT PAN!” “BEHIND WITH KNIFE” It is also helpful if you are moving a hot item through the kitchen to say where you are going, such as, “hot to the prep sink”, “hot to the walk in”, this way people are aware if they are potentially in your way.  Please also always have an ear out for these type of calls and move accordingly.


  • Sick Customers - If you receive a phone call from a customer who is saying they have become ill at our business, please follow the “how to respond to a call about getting sick in our restaurant” sheet that is hanging in the back hall and office. They should be encouraged to contact the local health department and only told they will be contacted back by someone from our management if that insist upon it.


  • Boxes - We do not need to be saving produce boxes, including mushroom boxes unless you plan to personally condense an item from the walk-in into it. They are starting to build up in the corners of our back rooms and we don’t have much room to spare.

  • Meeting time! - We will be having a short all kitchen meeting next week. The meeting will be on the 23rd at 9AM. We would like to just take a little bit to connect on a few things and get everyone on the same page with expectations.

Caves Read and Sign - Jan. 9, 2019


  • Wed 1/9 - Monthly Tasting Series with Modern Times Brewery

  • Sun 2/3 - Super Bowl Sunday. Closed after brunch.

  • Fri 2/1 - Caves Barrel Event

  • Sat 2/2 - Bottle Release Brunch

  • Mon 2/18 - Bourbon Dinner

  • 4/13 & 4/14 - Corvallis Half Marathon


  • New Menu Items!! – We will be rolling out a few new menu items at the end of this week. Yay! The chef board will be switching, as well as the cheese plate. We will also be replacing the fried chicken livers with a Chicken and brown rice salad. Details for those items are as follows:

    • Brown Rice Toss with Ginger Chicken: Ginger and shoyu sous vide Winn Farms chicken breast char grilled, brown rice salad, (cilantro, chive, basil, Gathering Together Farm peacock kale, and red cabbage), sweet chili vinaigrette , house tomato Thai-chili preserves, house sesame cracker.

    • Chef Board: Seared tenderloin carpaccio finished with Arbequina (type of olive) oil, sel gris, and lemon essence. Gathering Together Farm roasted beets, bread crisps, chanterelle and shiitake rillette, red onion jam,

    • Cheese Board: Rogue smoked bleu cheesecake, blackcurrant gelee, bourbon candied Freddy Guys hazelnuts with dried cherries, spiced bittersweet chocolate, water crackers.

*Employees are eligible to receive  a 100% discount on an unmodified, new food menu item during the first week of the menu item's release as long as critical feedback is given on the item.

  • Damage Control –When exercising damage control gather as much info as you can about the issue, access the situation, and approach a manager with a solution.  If you need to re-fire or fire a new item, please let the kitchen know that before filling them in on the whole story. That way the kitchen is getting the food started as soon as possible to help insure the customer has a good experience at Caves.

  • Signing the R&S – Starting this week we will begin to start auditing read and signs. That means if you have not signed past ones you will be given a verbal warning followed by a write up on your next time failing to sign. Past read and signs are posted in the back hall so if you have been on vacation, work primarily at another Block business or just plain forgot, please go through them and review them and sign all that you have not previously.


  • Sani Water - Use a black bucket for sanitizer water. It is less noticeable than the red bucket to guests.

  • Signing off Lists - If you are a bartender signing off the kitchen closing list, please make sure to physically check the items on the list, not just see that the kitchen closer has checked them off.

Caves Read and Sign - Dec. 19, 2018


  • Mon & Tues 12/24 & 12/25 - Closed on Christmas Eve and Christmas

  • Mon 12/31 - Closed on New Year’s Eve

  • Mon 1/7 - Block 15 holiday party

  • Sun 2/3 - Super Bowl Sunday - closed after brunch service

  • Mon 2/18 - Bourbon Dinner

  • Sat & Sun 4/13 & 4/14 Corvallis Half Marathon


  • Signing Read and Signs - There will be a paper copy of the read and sign posted in the back hall every week. You are required to sign that after you have read it or the online version. You will get one chance to miss signing the R&S.

  • Menu Changes – This week we will be making a few small menu changes. Pulled pork will now also be an add on to the butternut salad and Flanders bier grilled sweet onions a burger add on.  

  • Short and Sweet Communication – During busy times in order help communication in the kitchen we ask that the line and servers try and cut out extra verbiage. For example, FOH staff may be saying “table 3 is starting to look really annoyed and I’ve got back a few times to check in, is their table close?” and the line would reply “table 3 is waiting on a few more things to finish but I’m plating some of it now”. Moving forward communication along the lines of “could I please get a time for table 3” with a response of “3 will be up in less than 2 minutes, thanks” will be much more efficient, polite and have less “chatter” for others to sort through.

  • Brunch Menu - Oops! We have been selling serrano sprouts during brunch and this item isn’t on the brunch menu. We will no longer be allowing anyone to order it during brunch. We do not have the ingredients on the line for this item during brunch service. Sorry for the confusion but we want to stick to the very intentional menus that Dana and her staff curate.  

  • Better food descriptions- It was brought up at the all staff meeting and we would like to remind everyone that the expectation is for food to be described a bit more when dropped at a table. This will help drive home just how special the food we make at Caves is. Example: Instead of “Here is your Steak” pick one or two descriptions that drive home the quality and value:  

    • “For you we have the 24-day house dry aged steak.”

    • “For you we have steak with the locally foraged Chanterelles.”

    • “For you we have the house cut sirloin with the dubbel beer bordelaise.”


  • Block 15 Shuffle - The shuffle seems to be getting a little confused so I would like to make sure everyone is on the same page. Items we do no use a lot of and Block does we get from them. Sometimes those items will be nearing the end of their life so we transfer them back to Block to get used up more quickly. When there is a list for the line of Block items they should be labeled as shuffle, or get. Items that say shuffle (bier onions, burger onions, meatballs, etc.), we will take what we have here to the line at Block and bring back items of a newer date to Caves. If the items at Block are the same date as the ones brought over, don’t shuffle and let a lead know. If an item says get (mix greens) we will just get and transfer the item to us. If you have any questions about this please feel free to ask a lead for more explanation.

  • Dates – When transferring something from a large back to a small back for the line please make sure that the new back also gets a date that matches the larger back. The items found lately without this are, cleaned chanterelles, blanched sprouts and bucatini.

  • Expo modifications call out – If working an expo position it would be very helpful if we could make sure to point out modifications to dishes when passing them off to a server. For example, “here is your burger no pickles for position 4” rather than “here is the burger for position 4”. This sets the server up for success by allowing them to know exactly what they are taking and being able to answer promptly if a customer asks them about the food being brought to them.

  • New schedule design and expectations- The kitchen schedule coming out this week for next week will look a bit different than it usually does. DON’T FEAR!!! This will be explained in more detail as to why and the expectations of these changes in next weeks read and sign. Tune in next week for more details!


  • Bathroom Cleanliness – When mopping the bathrooms make sure to sweep, and mop behind the doors. Take the time to look for grime, and give it an extra scrub. After sanitizing the paper towel dispenser, take a dry paper towel and buff out the smudges.

  • Juice Glasses – We will now use the Samuel Smith half pint glasses for juice. A serving of juice will be to the 25cl line.

  • Ice Tea – The only pitcher for ice tea will be behind the bar. We are selling a lot less ice tea this time of year, and want to make sure we maintain a quality product. If you need a refill please ask the bartender.

  • Big Hello’s, and sincere Farewells – Always acknowledge a new guest, and welcome them to our restaurant. As guests are leaving the restaurant thank them for dining with us, and wish them sincere farewell.

Caves Read and Sign - Dec. 12, 2018


  • 12/15 - Santa’s Folly Brunch AM and Bingo PM

  • 12/17 - Benton County Reserve Sheriff Dinner @ Caves

  • 12/15 - RSVP deadline for company party, check your HotSchedules messages. 

  • 1/7 - Block 15 Company Party!

  • 2/1 - Bourbon Month!

  • 2/3 - Superbowl Sunday Closing early after brunch

  • 2/19 – Bourbon Dinner 


  • Checklists – When filling out check lists please take the time to look over and initial every item, not a large line through all times. This lets us know that you have actually checked every item. 

  • Transfer Logs – When putting items on a transfer log you must put it on the log in the kitchen from where items are being taken. If you take items from Block, write it on their log in the prep kitchen. If items leave Caves they get written on the log in our kitchen under the dry erase board. This ensures that items are always tracked and makes it much easier for Dana and Haakan when entering their inventories. 


  • Oil Dumpster Fun Times - There seems to be some confusion on what oil bin in the alley is for what. The large dumpster with a flip top lid is for strained fryer oil only. The smaller ones where the lid screws in are for strained non-fryer oils and fats. This can be from the smoker, grill catch trap or other skimmed or drained fats (bacon, butter, chicken, etc.).